Point Blank Zepetto Game no 1 Most Played FPS of All Time

Point Blank Zepetto Game no 1 Most Played FPS of All Time


Hi fellow Vicigers! Mimin, I remember the first time, the game Point Blank Garena used to be very popular, now it's a game with FPS genre it changed its name to Point Blank Zepetto (PB Zepetto). Zepetto took over this game service from Garena Indonesia. The game's official name is Point Blank Beyond Limits.

Point Blank Zepetto offers a variety of new modes and maps. What is certain for game fans, it would be a shame to miss this exciting game. A number of new modes have been prepared by Point Blank Zepetto, namely Play Mode, Battle Royale Mode, as well as Ace Mode. Play Mode, for example, will bring players to be on the battlefield like

Point Blank Zepetto Game

World War II. Then there is the Battle Royale Mode, which as the name suggests is a battle royale battle system that is currently in vogue. It's just that the maps available in this mode are not the same as those that existed before.

Ace Mode will invite players to duel 1 vs 1 with other players to collect as many winstrikes as possible when they can beat the enemy. Map Drain Tunnel can be used for this one-on-one battle. Not only new modes and maps, there are also character skins, weapon skins and new types of weapons.

Some of the newest types of weapons include the Thompson Submachine Gun, SKS Sniper Rifle, Kar98k Sniper Rifle, M24 Stick Grenade, MP40 Submachine Gun, M1918 Trench Knife, to the STG44 Assault Rifle. Then there are the newest character skins, for example Christmas Tree, Pig and WWII Soldier and Nurse.

While the newest weapon skins are Pig, Gunzeed, Zepetto, Black Cat Series, and X-mas. The Zepetto skin itself is a special skin as a marker for server migration from Garena to Zepetto. The Zepetto skin has a distinctive feature in the form of a combination of yellow, red, and also black plus an attractive graphic accent. Meanwhile, the Black Cat skin is a combination of yellow and black with a cute cat image.

Zepetto also updated the user interface used. In Zepetto's Point Blank game, the entire user interface is designed differently, especially for the background of the Gustav lobby map where the ambient fog is added to the lights and animations to present a real atmosphere.

The various updates prepared by Point Blank Zepetto will certainly be able to bring players to enjoy a more exciting war experience than the previous version. Therefore, don't miss playing Point Blank Zepetto. But it's less fun if you don't complete the game with various items available at the Shop. For that, players need Game Point vouchers

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