How to Enter Telkomsel Vouchers

If you have trouble entering your Telkomsel voucher, don't worry. Because, there are several easy ways that you can try.
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Telkomsel Vouchers (Source: Telkomsel)

Buying vouchers is one way to top up credit or quota internet into the number Telkomsel that you have. However, there may still be users who are confused about how to enter Telkomsel vouchers.

Currently, there may still be some of you who still choose to top up your credit or internet quota using vouchers.

This voucher is also useful for increasing the active period, top up credit or internet quota, you know!

Maybe, for those of you who are Telkomsel users but want to try entering a Telkomsel voucher and in this article we will discuss how you can do it!

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Telkomsel Vouchers

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Telkomsel Vouchers (Source: Acel Reload)

Telkomsel Vouchers are a card-shaped product from the Telkomsel operator that contains a code.

So, these codes will later be entered to add nominal credit or internet quota to the Telkomsel number.

This voucher can only be used once and the voucher must match our operator number.

For example, if you have a Telkomsel cellular number, then you have to use the Telkomsel voucher again.

However, currently vouchers are rarely used because many users prefer to top up via e-commerce, minimarkets/supermarkets and credit agents.

However, these vouchers are still available at credit agents to extend the number's active period.

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How to Enter Telkomsel Vouchers

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Telkomsel Vouchers (Source:

According to Telkomsel, here is how to enter a voucher that you can follow:

UMB code

  • Rub Vouchers which is gray.
  • Open Call Menu on smartphones.
  • Type *133#.
  • Press Call/Call.
  • Insert Voucher Code (Physical/E-voucher).
  • Wait SMS.
  • Done.

USSD code

  • Open Menu Phone Call.
  • Type 858 or *858#.
  • Choose Option to Enter Voucher Code.
  • Type Voucher Code.
  • Follow Instructions to fill Vouchers.
  • Later will get Confirmation from Telkomsel.

Operator Call

  • Open Call Menu on smartphones.
  • Press 888 or *888# (Telkomsel customer service number).
  • Follow Instruction calling.
  • Select an option Fill out the Voucher.
  • Type Voucher Code.
  • Follow Voice Instructions to fill Vouchers.
  • Later there will be Confirmation from Telkomsel.

via SMS

  • First, Open SMS on smartphones.
  • Type Voucher Code.
  • Send SMS to 777 with 'Voucher_Code' Format, example send text 3234456718 send to 777.
  • Wait for Confirmation.

MyTelkomsel application

  • First, Open the MyTelkomsel Application
  • Search Menu 'Internet Vouchers'.
  • Check/Validation return Telkomsel number. 
  • Enter Physical Voucher Code or E-Voucher.
  • Then, Press 'Redeem'.

Telkomsel website

  • Visit Telkomsel website.
  • Search Menus Redeem Telkomsel Vouchers.
  • Choose Vouchers Physical or E-Voucher.
  • Insert Telkomsel number-your.
  • Insert Voucher Code.
  • Press 'Redeem'.
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So, those are the ways to enter Telkomsel vouchers. How, it's really easy, right?

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