How to Download Quality Flac Anime Songs on Windows!

How to Download Anime Songs in Flac Format

Hello Vicigers, are you a loyal anime viewer or just an anime lover? Surely you are familiar with anime songs, especially the opening or ending songs.

For those of you who love anime and music, you will definitely be familiar with Flac's quality music.

However, did you know that anime OSTs also have various audio qualities such as Alac, Mp3, Aac, Dsd, and Flac?

So, in this article we discuss audio in Flac format for you.

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What is lossless audio?

Lossless audio is music in which there is no reduction or compression, so that the resulting music will come out optimally and be similar to the quality of music recordings made by musicians.

Meanwhile, Flac is an abbreviation for Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC), which is a format specifically designed for audio and can be played with the audio device you have.

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What is the Website?

The website is a website that provides Raw format anime, lossless songs, Raw live action films, and others.

You can access the website to search for quality anime, songs and live action for free. However, to download every file in You can only download using torrent.

How to Download Quality Flac Anime Songs on Windows

How to download quality Flac anime songs is really easy, here's how:

  • First download the uTorrent application/software and install it as usual on your computer.
  • Next, please open the website as shown in the image below. View (Source: VCGamers) view. Source: VCGamers
  • Select the lossless audio category as shown in the image below.
Anime Songs
Lossless Category. Source: VCGamers
  • After that, look for an anime song that you like.
  • Then select the song and open it.
  • Choose magnet or download torrent, however we recommend using magnet to go directly to the uTorrent application that was downloaded previously.
Download Anime Songs (Source: VCGamers)
Download Anime Songs. Source: VCGamers
  • After the uTorrent application opens as shown in the image below, just click OK, or if you just want to download the song without the cover, you can uncheck the torrent content.
Anime Song Selection (Source: VCGamers)
Anime Song Selection. Source: VCGamers
  • After that, just wait until the download process is complete.
Download Process (Source: VCGamers)
Download Process. Source: VCGamers
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Flac Quality Audio Weaknesses

Because Flac audio has music quality in it without any reduction or compression, the majority of Flac quality music is large and requires extra storage.

It's a little difficult for ordinary people to download, because there are so many music streaming applications, downloading Flac quality songs for some people will find it difficult.

As in using the uTorrent application which will be difficult for people who use it for the first time, there are still few sites that provide Flac quality audio for free and most of them are paid sites.

Many songs are incomplete or Torrent download links are dead so you need to look for links that are still alive.

Advantages of Flac Quality Audio

Flac quality songs will spoil your hearing, because every song you hear will produce small details on each musical instrument. However, the detailed instruments for each song you hear must be supported by headphones or earphones which is good too, otherwise the detailed instruments on each song wouldn't be heard.

You can download a full album for every music you download, especially download it on the website for those of you who want to download anime songs or several soundtracks from some games like Genshin Impact or Honkai Star Rail.

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Is It Better to Stream Music or Download?

Apart from that, in this era there are many music streaming applications such as Spotify or Joox, which make it easier to search for music or listen to music anywhere.

This tutorial was made only for a handful of people, especially for people who like music with Flac quality and are looking for pleasure in listening to music.

Streaming music is as good as downloading, however, there are slight differences in the quality of streaming music in terms of audio quality and in the end the audio quality can only be felt by individual preferences as to whether the audio is good or not.

OK, that's all the discussion in this article, hopefully this article can broaden your insight.

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