How to deal with broken cellphones when playing the Free Fire game

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One of the problems often experienced by FF players is that their cellphone lags badly in the middle of intense battles. But do you know how to deal with broken cellphones when playing games? Free Fire

So, on this occasion we will share tips for dealing with broken graphics when playing the Free Fire game.

What is the solution to overcome this problem? Listen and follow the complete explanation below!

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Easy way to deal with broken cell phone graphics when playing FF

Tips for playing anti-lag FF
Source: Garena Free Fire/Google

You can fix broken games on your cellphone.

The following is an easy way to deal with a broken cellphone while playing the Free Fire game: 

Use Lowest Game Graphics

Use Low Free Fire Graphics
Free Fire. Source: Garena

If the specifications and age of your cellphone are too old, it is possible that its ability to play on the best graphics will decrease.

This is inseparable from the various updates and improvements that have been made. So, you also have to adjust it.

You can lower the Free Fire game graphics to medium or low level for smoother playing performance. 

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Delete Rarely Used Apps

Delete useless apps
Source: Garena Free Fire/Google

Even if you don't activate it, applications that are rarely used will consume power RAM and storage.  This is one of the factors causing the Free Fire game to crash. 

The way to deal with broken cellphones when playing the Free Fire game is to delete several applications that are rarely used. This will make your cellphone lighter and faster.

Closing Apps in the Background

Close apps in the background
Source: Garena

If you are going to play Free Fire, especially in rank mode, make sure the application you were previously using has been closed. 

Applications running in the background will eat up your cellphone's RAM resources. So it has the potential to hinder the play and appearance of the Free Fire game. 

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Free Fire updates

How to deal with broken cellphones when playing the Free Fire game
Source: Garena

Every Free Fire game update has bug fixes. Long time not updating FF will cause bugs it piles up. 

When bugs accumulate, the Free Fire game is at risk of breaking down. Therefore, always use the latest version of the application. 

Always check periodically whether the latest application updates are available on the Play Store or App Store. 

Clean the Free Fire Application Cache

The way to deal with broken cellphones when playing Free Fire is to delete the cache
Source: VCGamers

Just like bugs, the Free Fire application cache that accumulates also causes game graphics to be broken. Clean the application cache regularly so that playing performance runs optimally.

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Restart HP

Restart your cellphone to play Free Fire anti-lag
Source: Garena

Restarting your cellphone is the best way to refresh existing programs. This method can ease the workload of RAM that is too large. After restarting your cellphone, you can play Free Fire more smoothly. 

Stable Internet Network

Check the network before playing Free Fire
Check Internet Network. Source: Bisnet Home

This is an important thing. You must ensure that the internet network in the location where you are playing is in a stable condition. 

Unstable network conditions usually occur when there is heavy rain or a power outage. 

So, when these two things are happening, the internet network around your location is definitely bad. Therefore, you must temporarily avoid FF in these conditions. 

Avoid Playing While Charging the Battery

How to deal with broken cellphones when playing the Free Fire game
Avoid playing Free Fire while charging. Source: VCGamers

Avoid playing the Free Fire game while charging the battery at the same time. Because doing this simultaneously can overload the device and slow down game performance. 

You need to know that playing games will definitely cause the cellphone temperature to rise, as will charging the battery. 

If you do these two things at the same time, the device will definitely get hot.  If the device is hot, game performance will slow down and the cellphone will be easily damaged. 

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Change cell phone

The way to overcome Free Fire lag is to change your cellphone
Replace cellphone with Infinis HOT 30 Free Fire. Source: VCGamers

If you have tried the methods above but when playing the Free Fire game your cellphone still breaks, maybe it's time for you to replace your old smartphone with one. gaming smartphonesUse an Android smartphone with suitable specifications for this game.

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