How to Choose a House in Hogwarts Legacy

How to choose a house in Hogwarts Legacy - Sorting Hat Ceremony

Just like in movies and novels Harry Potter, you will also be sorted according to dormitory. But don't worry, because there is a way to choose a hostel in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy has four houses like in Harry Potter viz Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff.

Sorting Hat will ask you several questions to determine the best hostel. If you want to determine your own preferred hostel, follow the guide below!

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House Assignment System in Hogwarts Legacy

How to choose a house in Hogwarts Legacy
House assignment system in Hogwarts Legacy. Source: SwanyPlaysGames

Before getting into the main topic, it's a good idea for us to know how the system for determining dormitories works Hogwarts Legacy.

There are two ways to determine dormitory selection for players in this game. The first is to take a short quiz given by Sorting Hat.

The second way is to connect your Harry Potter Fan Club account and WB Games account for more personalized dormitory determination.

Whichever method you use, you can influence the boarding decisions given by Sorting Hat.

You will immediately take part in the Sorting Ceremony after the tutorial is finished. You will sit at the front of the Great Hall.

After that, Professor Weasley will place the Sorting Hat on your head, from here you will be given two options to start choosing a dorm.

How to Choose a House in Hogwarts Legacy

How to choose a house in Hogwarts Legacy
How to choose a house in Hogwarts Legacy. Source: RIOT GEAR GAMING/Youtube

When the Sorting Hat is placed on your head, it will say “You come here with preferences and preconceptions – certain exceptions”

There are two dialogue options that can be selected, namely "I can't wait to start classes" and "I can't wait to explore". You can choose any answer, because this will not affect your choice of dormitory.

Next the Sorting Hat will say “Hmm. I wonder. Hmmm. I detected something in you. A certain sense of… hmm… what is it?”

How to choose a house in Hogwarts Legacy
House assignment questions in Hogwarts Legacy. Source: RIOT GEAR GAMING/Youtube

From here you will be given a choice that will determine which dormitory you will be placed in at Hogwarts Legacy.

Harry Potter fans probably already know which answer will lead to their favorite house. If you don't know, here is the answer:

  • Daring (Daredevil) – Gryffindor House
  • Curiosity – Ravenclaw House
  • Loyalty (Loyalty) – Hufflepuff House
  • Ambition (Ambition) – Slytherin House

If you choose the second method to connect your account, you will not get these questions and options.

You will immediately be asked the question “Start Classes” or “Explore” because you have completed the quiz.

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Differences between Each House in Hogwarts Legacy

The dormitory you choose will provide some changes in the game, but will not change the entire story.

There is no best dormitory in Hogwarts Legacy, but there are striking differences between them, namely the Common Room, Exclusive Quests, clothing and grooming used.

Common Rooms

How to choose a house in Hogwarts Legacy
Slytherin House. Source: JorRaptor/Youtube

Each dormitory has a Common Room with a different design. In accordance with the dormitory, there are distinctive ornaments that symbolize their identity.

For example, the Slytherin dormitory has a room decorated with snake statues and floor carvings that are also shaped in the same way.

Exclusive Quest

How to choose a house in Hogwarts Legacy - Exclusive quest
Slytherin exclusive quest. Source: JorRaptor/Youtube

The four dormitories will have exclusive quests that you can only do by having a certain dormitory. Here is the list:

  • Gryffindor – The Hunt for the Missing Pages
  • Hufflepuffs – Prisoners of Love
  • Ravenclaw – Ollivanders Heirloom
  • Slytherin – Scrope's Last Hope

Clothing and Grooming

Hogwarts Legacy Costumes
Clothes and grooming. Source: JorRaptor/Youtube

The choice of dorm will also influence the clothes you wear every day, this is because they match the typical colors of your dorm.

If you want to wear clothes with special colors such as red, blue, yellow, or green then you have to choose a specific dormitory.

How to Change House Choices in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy
Changing dorm options. Source: IGN/Youtube

Many players also question whether they can change dorms if they feel they don't match the choices they get from the Sorting Hat.

The answer is, of course you can. You can return to your dorm if you don't like the results you got from the quiz.

However, you can only change your house in Hogwarts Legacy once. So, make sure you feel comfortable with the dormitory you want before changing your old dormitory.

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So that's how to choose a dorm at Hogwarts Legacy. If you were alone, which hostel is your favorite?

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