Higgs Domino Apk Is Missing in the Play Store, What's the Cause?

Higgs Domino Apk Missing in Play Store

Since June 5, 2023 yesterday, Higgs Domino Island Apk is missing in Play Store. So that it can no longer be downloaded.

The disappearance of Higgs Domino Island in the Play Store is certainly a question mark for most fans of this game.

For those of you who are curious about the missing Higgs Domino Island Apk in the Play Store, let's look at the following review!

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Higgs Domino Apk Missing in Play Store

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Higgs Domino Island has become a game that is widely played today. Starting from teenagers to many adults who play this game.

So it's no wonder that within 3 years of its release, Higgs Domino has been downloaded by more than 50 million on the Play Store.

However, bad news has hit Higgs Domino players since early June. Because this game suddenly disappeared from the Play Store and can no longer be downloaded.

It is unclear what caused the disappearance of this application from the Play Store. However, many argue that the Higgs Domino Apk is missing in the Play Store because this game contains gambling content. Apart from that, there are also parties who speculate that Higgs Domino Island has a feature update, but does not meet the terms and conditions of the Play Store.

Even now, Higgs Domino Island's official Facebook has yet to issue an official statement regarding the loss of their application from the Play Store.

However, for other information notifications, Facebook Higgs Domino Island is still actively providing news.

For example, regarding notifications about new things that will be offered in mid-June.

So, as netizens, we can only wait without certainty. Maybe while playing other games like Higgs Bearfish, Boss Domino, Royal Dominos, etc.

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Higgs Domino Island Profile

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Higgs Domino Island is an online game that provides various games in it. You can play games such as Gaple, QiuQiu, Poker, Ludo, Wood, Champion Chicken, Arrange Words and many more here.

You can not only play the Higgs Domino Island game on your cellphone, but you can also play it on a PC using the BlueStacks emulator or in a browser without the need to download. 

Apart from that, this game will also give you free coins every day. Where Higgs Domino players call it alms. 

For the developer profile itself, Higgs Domino Island was developed by Higgs Games, an online game company based in Singapore. 

However, over time, the number of enthusiasts for this game continues to grow and even this game has experienced a shift. Where many players trade chips in this game.

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Thus our discussion this time regarding the missing Higgs Domino Island from the Play Store. Hopefully this article answers your curiosity.

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