Hero Valir, His Skill Makes a Lazy Fighter!

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Hero Valir and his Skills

Hola Vicigers! Hero Valir is heroes with Mage Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Heroes This is often encountered when playing rank. Valir has durability tall and skill-it makes the opponent do not move.

Hero Valir has the ability to spew flames that can destroy enemies. valid included heroes versatile because of its utility. He can be midlaner or support. Pokes from kill Brust Fireball can make the enemy enveloped in the flames of hell.

Hero Valir has the advantage of having crowd control skills which is deadly. Usually heroes others only have 1 to 2 crowd control skills it's also a combination of slow and stun.

However, Hero Valir has almost all effects crowd control. Not only that skill-it can also make your opponent not run and dare to go forward.

skills that gives effect crowd control There is skills passive (Ashing). skills it will explode and give effect stun for one second to the opponent when the target takes damage three times.

skills 1 (Burst Fireballs) will add fire and give effect slow 30% for 1 second. skills (Searing Torrents) can cause an effect knockback and also effects slow 25% for a second.

Another advantage of Hero Valir is having damage big one early in the game. This is because magic items which have damage the big one. Maximize this advantage by playing aggressively and bars in early game.

Lastly, Hero Valir's advantage is being able to become hero support. Valir does not need farming but still a chance to get MVP.

Valir can protect core heroes well moment war or farming. That's why Valir can become role support. In addition, Valir can frustrate all opponent's attacks and controllock opponent moves even up to 5 heroes fight at once.

It can happen because skill-it has a wide range and also has an effect crowd control which is deadly. But even so there are some disadvantages of heroes This Valir.

Valir does not have blink skills of the fourth skills it has. With this weakness Hero Valir can be easilylock and killed by the enemy. So you have to be careful and keep a safe distance to overcome this weakness.

Besides that, to overcome this, you can take advantage of it skills 2 to escape from the pursuit of the opponent. Or you can use battle spell flicker to do blink.

This weakness can still be overcome. With this weakness, it makes you dependent on other people and has the potential to experience defeat when playing solo rank. So don't play alone when using Valir.

Suitable Lane For Valir

The suitable lane for Valir is on Midlane. But with a note marksmen plugged in bottom lane. Apart from that Valir can also play on lanes up or down by being paired together fighters, assassins, or tank enemy.

Valir should be on guard at lanes and occasionally helps farming. clear every waves there is to improve levels. When will-kill always use burst fire to slow down the enemy then push him to turrent.

Use skill searing torrents to face fighter heroes or assassins. Besides that time ganking Use flicker to run away quickly. Because Valir doesn't have any blink.

Recommendation Items for Valir

Recommendation items The most ill Valir is as follows:

Demon Shoes

Demon Shoes can add +30 Mana Regen and +40 Movement Speed to Valir. Therefore heroes this can do spam skills with where which continues to grow.

Glowing Wands

Items this can add up to +5% Movement Speed, +75 Magic Power, and +400 HP. Glowing Wands has a unique passive that causes an effect burn to the target for 3 seconds. Besides that items this gives 1% of target Max HP per second.

Ice Queen Wand

Ice Queen Wand can add +7% Movement Speed, +10 Magical Lifesteal, +75 Magic Power, and +150 Mana. Besides that there is a unique passive that gives effect slow to them amounted to 15% when using skills Valir gave it damage to the opposing hero.

Lightning Truncheon

Items the fourth can add +10% Cooldown Reduction, +75 Magic Power, and +300 Where. Items it has a unique passive that can give effect to Valir where every 6 seconds, skills then it will bounce and give 20-1000 MagicDamage.

Fleeting Time

Buy Fleeting Time items moment late game because items this can add +15% Cooldown Reduction and +70 Magic Power. Items it delivers ultimate skill cooldown Valir can also be reduced after he eliminates opponents or gains assists.

Divine Glaive

Divine Glaive Items can add +40% Magical Penetration, and +65 Magic Power. The unique passive effect of this item will increase by 30% when Valir's HP is more than 70%.

Combo Skills Valir

If you use Valir, you can combine them skills 1-3-2-1. So use skills 1 which has a new cc effect slow which makes the enemy unable to escape. Then ultimate with skills 3 when the opponent is affected by the CC effect.

Do not use skills 2 first because of the effect knock back-it can take the enemy out of area of effect (AoE) ultimate skill Use skills 2 when the enemy takes effect knock up skills Ulti. For damage addition.

Use skills 1 that didn't hit cooldown due to the effects of skills passive to slow down the enemy again at the moment skills Ulti is still exploding. For those who are curious about heroes please try the tips above or see the tutorial from pro player Valir. Good luck.

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