Hero Lancelot Has Gone Into Enemy's Hands? Prepare the Counter Guys!

Hero lancelot

Who is Lancelot?

Hola Vicigers! Hero Lancelot, one assassin heroes Mobile Legends: Bang Bang who have the ability burst damage which is quite high. Lancelot is very reliable in using weapons Rapier. He relies on the players role assassin because of agility and damageits amazing.

Heroes This Lancelot has one passive skills and three skills active, including:

  • skills passive possession heroes Lancelot is Soul Cutter. Every time he dashes forward, he will get 10% damage for four seconds and this effect can bestack up to 30% bonus.
  • punctures, Lancelot will advance at breakneck speed towards his enemy and will gain damage and sword mark. Which gives 100 Physical Damage (+50% of totals Physical Attack).
  • Thorned Rose, hero Lancelot attacks by issuing attacks from three directions at once forming a triangle with the center as the center. Enemies who are in the middle of the attack will experience a decrease in movement speed by 70%. Gives 250 Physical Damage (+150% Physical Attack).
  • phantom execution, Phantom Execution has the same motion animation as punctures, the difference is that this attack has an effect invincible when activated and do not have Sword Mark, so it can not be repeated and give 400 Physical Damage (+250% of the total Physical Attack) to the opponent.

This Lancelot hero has several weaknesses including: heroes Lancelot does not have crowd control he only has immune ability and puredamage just.

Lancelot doesn't have an area attack, he only has an area attack on skills two that are not so great whereas skills others only provide attacks in a direction straight ahead.

Another weakness is that it has a thin HP as well heroes which is difficult to play for beginners, even though it has a fairly simple attack, mastering Lancelot is not easy.

Hero Counters

Counter heroes is skills specifically which use skills it to fight heroes certain. Counters to fight heroes Lancelot among them are:


Build Chou

To attack heroes this one then there are five heroes counters. First, namely Chou who is fighters multi talented. One combo of Jeet Kuno Do and The Way of Dragon can easily immobilize Lancelot.


The second is Khufra who is known as heroes which have crowd control the good one. Especially when faced with Lancelot, crowd control Khufra is reliable which causes Lancelot to be overwhelmed with skill two tank heroes this.



The third is Alucard who has the ability lifesteal reliable to perform counters Lancelot. With skills that Alucard can provide damage which is high on Lancelot as well skills his passive can help chase Lancelot.



The fourth is Ruby which is fighter heroes with ability crowd control. With this ability, it will be difficult for Lancelot to issue combinations skills which he has is his mainstay.

Ruby has the ability to lock and block enemy attacks, so Ruby will get space to kill Lancelot slowly. Do not forget Ruby must be accompanied by hero damage dealer because Lancelot must be finished quickly.



The fifth is Helcurt, an Assassin who has many abilities including burst damage, silences, and blink.

Helcurt has a more complete ability mechanism compared to Lancelot. Because he does not just rely on damage, ability silenceits removes vision, and blink which he has become counters main to stop the enemy.

Another alternative to attack Lancelot is to initiate an attack directly on the hero to steal buff in enemy territory. Additionally, using counters which type lock like Chou.

Another of the most effective ways to beat Lancelot is by using battle spells weaken that can make speed Lancelot decreased drastically and made Lancelot not participate in the fight and tend to always try to run away.

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What are the recommendations above? Interesting enough not to try? Good luck. Hopefully heroes-mu more great and invincible!

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