Best 2022 Kadita ML Hero Combo Recommendations

Kadita Combo

Vicigers friends need to use the Kadita combo hero if you want to achieve an effective victory. Kadita is one of the most popular Mage heroes among players Mobile Legends. Especially if it is often used in competitions such as MPL Indonesia.

This hero has a combination of skills that can kill his enemy with one attack and in seconds. On the other hand, hero ono's security is very good.

Due to his powerful moves, he can dodge enemy skills and quickly clear a path. However, if you want to use it, it's good to know the heroes commonly used as Kadita's combo heroes in Mobile Legends. No matter how bad the enemy is, he is guaranteed to be ready to eradicate the enemy. 

List of Kadita's Most OP Hero Combo

All heroes can be used as Kadita's combo heroes. However, it seems that these five heroes are very good at it. Please see the five heroes below.


Skin Starlight September Atlas Space Match
Atlas is Kadita's combo hero

The hero that would be scary to use as a combo hero for Kadita ML is Atlas. This hero has deadly crowd control abilities, especially with his ultimate skill that can take down even five heroes.

At this time, he can quickly perform skill combinations. The possibility of going wild would be very high. In addition, Atlas has excellent mobility and the skills and secret skills of Twinkle.


Tigreal is Kadita's combo hero

Tigreal is one of the most popular tanks among Mobile Legends players. Because this hero can protect his team well. Plus, it can take a long time on big trips.

With her crowd control abilities, both skill 2 and skill 3, Kadita can launch her attacks to kill enemies instantly, even five enemies.

Tigreal can stack opponents to make it easier for the team to attack. Kadita can use Tigreal's ability, and Kadita's ability to attack and damage areas can attack opponents at the right time. 


Harley is Kadita's combo hero

Harley is a powerful mage who has the ability to lock on his opponent and deliver massive attacks at the same time. The attack only works on certain heroes, and deals a lot of damage.

This attack is good when combined with Kadita. For example, when the target Harley runs away from Good Blood, Kadita can quickly chase him without realizing it and dealing final damage to the opponent. 


Franco is Kadita's combo hero

Kadita's next hero combo is Franco. Franco is a powerful tank hero who attracts opponents. This hero has a hook skill that can lure opponents and kill them.

Because Franco is a tank hero, it is difficult for him to beat the opponent's heroes, so Kadita can support Franco to attack the enemy.

Kadita can also survive instantly and charge her opponent with troublesome combo skills. This hero can easily break into enemy defenses. 

It cannot be underestimated that Franco has the ability to control a deadly crowd. Especially when combined with the strongest building blocks, Franco can become a hero who can turn things around when left alone.

It cannot be separated from Franco's art. With these skills, especially the ultimate skill, Franco can block enemy hero movements, which means that Franco is the strongest opponent of all the heroes in Mobile Legends.

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Build Khufra
Khufra is Kadita's partner hero

Khufra is a terrible hero to attack his opponent, with his first skill, Khufra can jump and give the initial attack.

In addition, Khufra's second skill can stop all the attacks he receives, this ability is like a barrier that blocks the enemy.

Khufra and Kadita are combo heroes up front and can help each other, especially at first, Khufra is one of the heroes who can cover Kadita well.

Despite being a tank, Khufra is one of the most skilled tanks with the highest cc. Because of this CC, Khufra becomes the main character to prevent heroes like Fanny, Lancelot and others. Not only that, Khufra can also be a reliable starter. 

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So, that's all the information about Kadita Mobile Legends' 5 combo heroes for now. Keep visiting VCGamers to get the latest news from the gaming world.

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