GTA Online's 10 Best Cars, Which Is Your Favorite?

GTA Online's Best Cars

GTA Online has issued more than 500 vehicles. And of course, of that many, there are some that are GTA Online's best cars.

For more details, this time we will review the 10 best cars GTA On line. Rating used in games it's not only about speed, but also other performance such as handling, braking and acceleration.

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GTA Online's 10 Best Cars List

Here is a list of the reviews:

1. Progene Emerus

GTA Online's Best Cars
Progene Emerus. Source: Youtube

The first car is the Progen Emerus which has a very large engine power, so it has very good acceleration. 

This car has a top speed of 204 km/h, making the Progen Emerus the right choice for racing.

For the price itself, the Progen Emerus is priced at $2,750,000.

2. Italian GTO

GTA Online's Best Cars
Italy GTO. Source: Youtube

The Italian GTO is a very all-rounder car, that's because it has good handling, responsive brakes, fast acceleration, up to competitive speeds. 

In addition, this car has a high level of stability so that it can still be controlled properly when driving through bumpy roads.

The price itself is priced at $1,965,000.

3. Grotti Furia

GTA Online's Best Cars
Grotti Furia. Source: Youtube

Grotti Furia is a car that has pretty good stability compared to other cars in its class. 

Even this car remains stable when passing through uneven roads. However, in terms of speed, Grotti Furia has a very low speed, which is only 196 km/hour.

As for the price itself, it is in the range of $2,740,000.

4. Pfister 811

GTA Online's Best Cars
Pfister 811. Source: Youtube

The Pfister 811 has status as the former fastest car. Pfister 811 has a maximum speed of up to 213 km/hour and has very capable acceleration.

However, the minus of this car is when driving at high speed, this car is very difficult to control.

For the price itself, you can have this car for $1,135,000.

5. Ocelot Pariah

GTA Online's Best Cars
Pariah Ocelot. Source: Youtube

Previously, Furia was named a car with a very low speed. 

Ocelot Pariah is the opposite, he is the fastest car in GTA Online with a top speed of up to 218 km/hour. 

And as for the drawbacks, this car is difficult to control, because the brakes are unresponsive, besides that it also often experiences oversteer when passing sharp turns at high speed.

The price of this car is valued at $1,420,000.

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6. Ubermacht SC1

GTA Online's Best Cars
Ubermacht SC1. Source: Youtube

Ubermacht SC1 is a car that has a very balanced performance, starting from handling, braking, acceleration, to speed. 

However, for a supercar class car, this car doesn't have competitive speed, so it will be difficult to face other supercars during races.

The price itself is priced around $1,603,000.

7. Benefactor Krieger

GTA Online's Best Cars
Benefactor Krieger. Source: Youtube

Benefactor Krieger is a car that has very light handling and has a high average speed. 

However, this light handling is actually a weakness, that's because it will make the car cause oversteer when used on sharp corners.

The price of this car is in the range of $2,875,000.

8. Dewbauchee Vagner

GTA Online's Best Cars
Dewbauchee Vagner. Source: Youtube

In terms of performance, this car can be said to be the same as Benefactor Krieger, because it has very light handling and a fairly high average speed. 

Not only that, Dewbauchee Vagner is also very stable, making it suitable for various races. 

The price itself is priced at $1,535,000.

9. Truffade Thrax

GTA Online's Best Cars
Truffade Thrax. Source: Youtube

The Truffade Thrax is Truffade's slowest car. But this car has a very perfect balance and performance. 

Thrax may feel heavy, but this car is far from annoying problems such as wheel spin or oversteer.

For the price itself, you can buy this car for $2,575,000.

10. Pegassi Toros

GTA Online's Best Cars
Pegassi Toros. Source: Youtube

As a car that belongs to the SUV class, this car can penetrate a top speed of up to 205 km/hour.

So that makes the Pegassi Toros able to compete with other cars in the sports and supercar classes. 

Even though the speed is very high, this car is a car that is difficult to control, because of its large size.

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The price itself is not too expensive compared to the other cars on this list, which is priced at $498,000.

Thus our discussion of the best GTA Online cars. Keep abreast of developments in the world of games at VCGamers News!

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