Great for Coverings! Try These 3 Best FF Characters, Deh!

3 good characters for covering

Hola Vicigers! Covering in game Free Fire thegenres battle royale which is very popular lately, is a term that is already familiar to its audience, not only in Indonesia but almost all over the world.

Maybe for those who don't know, the concept of this game is almost similar to the concept battle royale the other is killing each other in order to be the one who survives until the end and leaves only him.

In every games this kind of battle there is definitely an option for you to play this game with a team or as it is commonly called in the world games that is squad.

When you play with persquad there must be cohesiveness, cooperation, mutual help, concentration and good communication between one and another insider squad that.

One of the most important things in playing games with squad is cooperation and mutual help between members squad that.

There is a term in this kind of fighting game that is”covering” in playing this match in a team way or squad it is also important to practice this term.

But what does it actually mean covering that?

So when you play and choose to play squad it is necessary for there to be a division of tasks for each player and to place players in their respective positions, some in the front row and some in the back.

Example covering that is when we are in a fight, our friend in front is exchanging fire with the enemy facing him, our job behind is to do a diversionary shot.

A diversion shot is a shot made by you at the same enemy your friend is currently facing, so the next one to deal with that enemy may be you are not your previous friend/teammate.

Therefore it is important for us when playing games with that team not to be selfish and willing to work together to win matches.

After knowing the terms covering or cover so you understand what the term is said by your teammates.

Who Needs To-cover?

Furthermore, here it will be explained exactly who are the players who must be played.cover or under what circumstances the player should becover.

Certainly what must becover it is a player who is in a state that is almost dead because many shots hit him and he needs help, that is the person who must help to be-cover.

Next, the person who must becover is a person who was attacked by the enemy and he asked for help to becover. But don't just askcover even though you are still able to fight that enemy of yours.

Equally important to-cover it was a friend who was already overwhelmed with dealing with the enemy he was scuffling with.

You as a team can ask each other tocover each other but do not always want in-cover by others.

Use words cover that's for circumstances that are really dangerous for you or might be dangerous for you squad you.

What Character Recommendations Are Right To Do covers


This character is a favorite character of many people because skills which Wolfrahh has is very useful in battle. skills which he has named”Attentions the Center”.

Advantages of skills it is when the enemy delivers damage headshot at you when you use this character damage-it will decrease by about 25%

But when you try to give headshot damage to the enemy it will give damage 15%. Therefore Wolfrahh is suitable for mengcover when the fight was close range.


Andrew's character is a match for covering because he has skills called "Armor Specialist” which means your enemy will take a longer time to kill you when you use this character.

skills this will increase the durability of your Armor to reach the percentage of 12%, including at the highest character level among the others. This character is also suitable for close combat.


Antonio is a character that has skills that is "Passive Gangster's spirit” which makes this character have physical endurance that is above average compared to other characters, so he is suitable in terms of covering.

Such are some explanations of the terms cover in free fire games and we have also provided recommendations for what characters are right to be made cover  with skills they have.

However, stick with skills no matter how good one is, the player who plays that character must be smarter in using that character, right!

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