The Best Character for Genshin Impact's Golden Troupe Users

Golden Troupe Genshin Impact Best user

The Golden Troupe is an artifact that was released alongside the Marechaussee Hunter at the time of the release of the Fontaine update Genshin Impact 4.0.

This artifact set includes artifacts for support or off-field characters which can increase Elemental Skill DMG even if the character is not in the battle area.

The author will provide complete recommendations for the best characters using this Golden Troupe artifact.

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Recommended Best Character Set Artifact Golden Troupe Genshin Impact

Golden Troupe Domain Locations

denouement of sin domain genshin impact
Domain Denouement of Sin (source: VCGamers)

The Golden Troupe is one of a set of artifacts that can be obtained from the Denouement of Sin domain located in Belleau, region Fontaine.

You can get this set along with the Marechaussee Hunter set which is available with a 4-star and 5-star rarity level. 

Marechaussee Hunter is an offensive artifact, suitable for DPS characters who use a lot of Charged Attacks when attacking. 

Golden Troupe Genshin Impact Artifact Set Bonus

Golden Troupe Genshin Impact Artifact Set
Golden Troupe full set (source: VCGamers)

2 sets of Golden Troupe artifacts Genshin Impact will give an increase in Elemental Skill DMG by 20%.

Using 4 sets or full sets of these artifacts can increase Elemental Skill DMG by 25%. 

Also, when the character using this artifact is not on the field, Elemental Skill DMG will be increased by 25%. 

The effect of the artifact will last as long as the character is off the field and will disappear within 2 seconds after the character returns to the field.

The author takes the example of the character Yae Miko to explain using the Golden Troupe. 

At the beginning of using the artifact, Yae has dealt an additional 20% Elemental Skill DMG. 

This means that if the DMG of an Elemental Skill is 2,000 without artifacts, Yae will get an increase of 400 and DMG to 2,400 DMG.

When using the full set, Elemental Skill DMG will be added again by 25% from the beginning and use 2 sets.

Yae's DMG, which was previously 2,400 DMG, has increased by 25% so that it gets a magnification of 600 to 3,000 DMG.

When Yae is outside the battle area or you are using another character in the party, the effect of the Golden Troupe will increase Yae's pillar fox from Elemental Skill by 25% again.

This means that in total Yae will get a DMG increase from this method of 3,750 DMG from Elemental Skills because it will get another 750 DMG.

So, the total magnification of Elemental Skill DMG that Yae gets is not a total of 70% but 20% + 25% + 25%.

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Best Character Recommendations and Number of Sets Used

yae miko genshin impact
Yae Miko (source: Genshin Impact)

You will find that the Golden Troupe is a set of artifacts that focus on increasing the damage of Elemental Skills.

The use of 4 sets of Golden Troupe artifacts is very specific for characters who can provide support outside the field or off the field.

That is, users of this artifact are more devoted to builds that prioritize Elemental Skills as the main character kit.

Characters that focus on other attacks such as Elemental Burst or Normal Attack will be less suitable to use this artifact.

If you use 2 sets, many characters will suit this artefact especially characters Dendro.

Characters like Alhaitham, Kaveh, Nahida, and Baizhu will benefit if they have high Elemental Skill DMG,

As for other characters who act like support like Kazuha, Xiangling, or Xingqiu can still use this artifact in 2 sets.

The most suitable character to use the 4-PC set or full set from Golden Troupe is Fischl, Yae Miko, and Albedo.

These three characters when you build as support have a kit focus on optimizing DMG from Elemental Skills.

Fischl, Albedo, and yae Miko have constructs that result from Elemental Skills, for example Fischl will cast Oz, Yae Miko with Sesshou Sakura, and Albedo will produce Solar Isotoma.

Those are the character recommendations for using the Golden Troupe artifact. You can start farming this artifact from update 4.0 by opening the new Fontaine region map.

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