How Dendro Elements Work in Genshin Impact and Their Reactions

dendro genshin impact

In patch version 3.0, Mihoyo finally revealed all the details about Dendro elements Genshin Impact which the players have been waiting for.

As element new, of course Dendro is still a stranger to many people. So, for that we will explain how the Dendro elements work and react.

For more details, let's look at the following explanation!

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How Do Dendro Elements Work in Genshin Impact?

Dendro Genshin Impact is an aura element, so it can be used well on both characters and enemies.

This element is more similar to pyro, hydro, electro, and cryo than to anemo and geo, which are trigger elements. Unfortunately, Dendro elements cannot react with cryo, anemo, and geo elements when released in patch version 3.0.

How Do the Dendro Elements React?

There are many new terms used for the Dendro reaction Genshin Impact, so that it can confuse the players when they want to explore this element.

The activation mechanism is quite diverse. Here is a list of reactions that can be triggered by Dendro elements:

Bloom (Dendro and Hydro)

Bloom (Dendro and Hydro)
Bloom (Dendro and Hydro). Source:

Bloom is a reaction product of Dendro and Hydro. This reaction bloom has a reaction rate, so seeds will appear around the unit when it is created.

If the seed is left after 6 seconds, the seed will explode, dealing massive damage to both the enemy and the player character. This damage will be calculated based on the character who uses it and its level.

The maximum number of seeds that can be made in the arena is five seeds. If it's any higher, the seed that took the longest will explode. The seed will be considered as an object, so it can be attracted by certain character skills, such as Venti or Kazuha.

The seeds that are formed can be further converted into sub-reactions known as blooming and hyper blooming. Both are transformative reactions, therefore the damage generated will be calculated only based on the mastery of the elements and the character's level.

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Burning (Dendro and Pyro) 

dendro genshin impact
Burning (Dendro and Pyro) . Source: Youtube / Addicted

This reaction has been around since Genshin Impact version 1.0, but now players can take full advantage of it after version 3.0.

This reaction was caused by Dendro and Pyro. This reaction also doesn't require a series of mana elements as aura and trigger, so it's quite simple to do.

As the name suggests, permanently or dot fires units with pyro dmg, along with a persistent pyro aura.

If the unit affected by the fire attacks another unit, the resulting pyro aura will not burn.

Because burning is a transformative reaction and the resulting damage is calculated based on element mastery and character level.

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Catalyze (Dendro and Electro)

dendro genshin impact
Catalyze (dendro and electro). Source:

Catalyze is a reaction between dendro and electro elements that will produce a debuff known as quicken. This debuff effect is represented by a visual effect of light green lightning or electricity.

Units will also get dendro aura when in quicken mode. If the yellow electric visual turns into leaves, the quicken has expired.

The quicken effect cannot be extended. So players have to use dendro and electro elements again after the duration is up. When the quicken unit is exposed to electro dmg, the reaction will be exacerbated.

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So that's how the dendro genshin impact element works and its reactions, I hope this information is useful. And don't forget to top up Genesis Crystal Genshin Impact at the lowest price at VCGamers Marketplace!

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