Get to know the character of Akaza, the Upper Moon 3 devil in Demon Slayer


The character Akaza in Kimetsu no Yaiba plays a crucial role by being involved in two battles that are very influential in the storyline of this anime.

First, it occurs in the Mugen Train arc where Akaza faces Kyojuro Rengoku in a terrible battle.

Next, Akaza's role continues in the Final Battle arc, where he faces Tanjiro and Giyuu Tomioka inside Infinity Castle. In the final battle, Akaza experienced a unique experience when his memories of a long-forgotten past began to emerge again along with his transformation into a demon.

The Mugen Train arc shows his prowess in the fight against Kyojuro Rengoku, providing dramatic momentum in the character's journey.

This fight not only creates high tension, but also illustrates the brutality and extraordinary power that Akaza has as a demon.

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Akaza's Past

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As a human, Akaza, known by the nickname Hakuji, was born into a family living in extreme poverty. His own father suffered from a disturbing illness, prompting Hakuji to take drastic steps to find money to buy his father medicine.

With strong determination, Hakuji is determined to become a robber and pickpocket throughout his district. However, unfortunately, his efforts resulted in failure and his arrest by law enforcement officers, who repeatedly imprisoned him for his unlawful actions.

When his father found out about Hakuji's actions to earn money to buy medicine, his father felt guilty. This condition culminated in a tragic decision, where Hakuji's father ended his life by hanging himself.

The death of his father had a big impact on Hakuji's enthusiasm for life, eliminating his motivation to continue his struggle. In emptiness and loss of spirit, Hakuji met a man named Keizo, the owner of the Dojo who reached out and helped Hakuji to rise from despair.

Apart from helping Hakuji regain his enthusiasm for life, Keizo also invites him to live with him to look after his sick daughter, Koyuki. During the process of caring for Koyuki, Hakuji begins to grow very caring and even develops special feelings for her.

His closeness to Koyuki and growing relationship with Keizo leads Hakuji on a journey of new awakening in his life, where martial arts training becomes a vessel for growth and healing.

However, this happiness turned out to be only temporary. Darkness enveloped Hakuji's life again when poison was infused into a drinking water well by a rival dojo, causing the tragic deaths of Koyuki and Keizo due to poisoning.

This loss sparked deep anger within Hakuji, who vowed revenge and slaughtered all members of the dojo responsible for such fraudulent and cruel acts.

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The Beginning of Becoming a Devil

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Caught in a sea of rage, Hakuji carried out a terrible act of revenge by slaughtering a total of 67 people from the dojo responsible for Koyuki and Keizo's tragic deaths.

News about this incident reached our ears Muzan, the Demon King, who does not want to miss the opportunity to recruit talented individuals. Muzan immediately came to Hakuji, offering him a choice that would change his destiny.

In a meeting with Muzan, Hakuji was promised extraordinary powers as a devil and a prestigious position as a member of the 12 Kizuki. Muzan's seduction entices Hakuji with the promise that he will become a very strong demon, able to protect the people he cares about the most.

Without hesitation, Hakuji accepted the offer, surrendering himself to the demonic darkness without much consideration. This change brought about a major transformation in him, accompanied by a change of name to Akaza, a new symbol for his new identity as a demon.

Since then, Akaza has lived his life as a member of the 12 Kizuki, always looking for challenges against enemies who are stronger than him. Despite being a ferocious demonic creature, there is a unique aspect to its behavior.

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