Get to know Jujutsu Kaisen's Kento Nanami, Yuji's mentor!

Kento Nanami

Kento Nanami is one of the supporting characters in anime and manga Jujutsu Kaisen. He is a first-class Jujutsu wizard who has a unique appearance and personality.

Nanami initially left the world of Jujutsu to become a clerk, but returned four years later to continue her career as a magician.

In the second season of Jujutsu Kaisen, he had to die when facing Mahito. Where Yuji witnessed his death directly.

Until now, he is still a popular character among fans. If you are one of his fans, then you need to get to know him better.

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Kento Nanami's Life Story

Kento Nanami
Kento Nanami. Source: YouTube.

Nanami was born in Tokyo, Japan. He comes from a non-magical family, but has Danish blood from his grandfather.

He attended Jujutsu Tokyo Metropolitan, where he met Gojo Satoru and Geto Suguru. Nanami graduated from the school with excellent grades and ranked second.

After graduating, he worked as an employee at a company. He worked hard and became one of the most respected employees in the company.

However, he felt that his life had no clear purpose. He felt that he was not doing anything meaningful for the world.

Nanami returns to Tokyo Metropolitan Jujutsu and begins her career as a first-class Jujutsu magician. He is known as a smart and wise wizard.

He also has a mainstay technique called Tookaku Juho or Ratio Technique. This technique allows him to split his targets and create fatal points on the enemy at a ratio of 7:3.

Nanami met with Yuji Itadori when Yuji had just joined the Tokyo Jujutsu School. He initially felt uncomfortable with Yuji, who was still young and had no experience in the world of Jujutsu.

However, as time goes by, Nanami begins to realize that Yuji is a good person and has great potential.

He began to consider Yuji as his student and taught him various things about the world of Jujutsu.

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Kento Nanami
Kento Nanami. Source: YouTube.

Even though he is dead, he still has his own charisma when he appears in the Jujutsu Kaisen anime. So it is very interesting to know some facts about it,

Has a Deadly Mainstay Technique

Nanami has a mainstay technique called Tookaku Juho or Ratio Technique. This technique allows him to kill enemies with a single attack.

This technique is very deadly, even capable of killing enemies much stronger than Nanami.

Smart and Wise

He is an intelligent and wise figure. Then, always teaches Yuji about the importance of using his cursed energy efficiently and controlling his power.

Nanami also always emphasizes the importance of morals and ethics in the world of Jujutsu.

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Want to go on holiday to Malaysia

Maybe if you watch the second season of the anime, he really dreams of going on holiday on a Malaysian beach. This was seen moments before his death.

He really wanted to relax and retire in the world of Jujutsu. But this never happened when he died in his battle against Mahito in Shibuya. Sad huh?

Kento Nanami is a complex and interesting figure. He has a cold and cynical personality, but behind that he is a person who is intelligent, wise, and cares about other people.

He is a good mentor for Yuji, and he has taught Yuji many things, both about the world of Jujutsu and about life.

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