Game MPL S8 Week 3 Day 3 RRQ Hoshi Vs RBG!

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Hello fellow Vicigers. The boys from the RRQ Hoshi team have successfully fought Genflix's Rebellion in the game MPL Week 3 Day 3 on Sunday (29/8/2021) at the Mobile Legends Professional League ID event.

In the match which ended with a score of 2-0, it can be seen that the kids from Rebellion Genflix could not withstand the power of the King of Kings, even though these two teams have managed to put on a very epic match on this MPL S8 Sunday. .

The RRQ Hoshi team has released the figures of R7, Alberttt, Skylar, Clayyy, and Vynnn. Meanwhile, the Rebellion Genflix team fielded Jiisaa, Huba, B1rul, Ryuk, and Vall.

MPL S8 Week 3 Day 3 RRQ Hoshi vs RGB

MPL game from RRQ vs RBG

mpl rrq vs rgb game

During the first match in the MPK game this time, the children from the team Rebellion succeeded in seizing first blood less than the first minute. Soon the kill was immediately replied by RRQ towards the 2nd minute.

The battle that took place in the 2nd minute made RBG superior in terms of gold and kills, which was 2-5 for RBG. In the 5th minute, RBG still consistently controlled the match.

In the 9th minute there was a war that made the two teams kill each other. Occurring between very different networks and the kills between the two teams are getting thinner and not far away.

In the 10th minute, RBG managed to get the first lord, but four of their players had to be kidnapped. This made RRQ press into the RBG base turret.

It can be seen that RRQ Hoshi has succeeded in carrying out a wipeout by dropping all RBG players. the kids from the RRQ Hoshi team very easily finished off the base tower from Rebellion without any resistance in the first game.

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RRQ Hoshi vs Rebellion Genflix Game 2

mpl rrq vs rgb game 2

When it entered the second game, Rebellion seemed to play very relaxed in the early game. A first kill took place from RRQ in the 2nd minute. The battle in the 2nd minute made RRQ add more kills.

already in the 5th minute the boys from RRQ Hoshi have mastered how to play and are far superior in terms of points and kills.

And the net to enter the MPL match in the 6th minute made RRQ manage to even out four of the RBG players and almost got wiped out. It can be seen from the distance the points have gotten further due to the occurrence of the match towards the 7th minute.

But the kids from Rebellion still put up a strong fight by stealing three kills from RRQ. When

RRQ has succeeded in kidnapping Rebellion players one by one. When it entered the 12th minute, the kids from RRQ had started pushing into the Rebellion base tower however, they had to retreat after losing Vynnn's figure.

And when it entered the 14th minute of the match, it seemed that RRQ was able to enter the base tower, even Alberttt managed to get Savage for the first time in MPL in season 8 and has leveled Rebellion.

RRQ has finally come a long way from winning without any resistance, RRQ Hoshi has achieved success with a total score of 2-0 in this match.

Figure Clay Consider RBG

rrq vs rbg considerations

Even though he managed to beat RBG without reply, RRQ Clayyy expressed his opinion about RBG players who actually have potential to be reckoned with.

"In my opinion, my friend, RBG Huba. He seems to have developed quite a bit, it's just possible because of a lack of flying hours, right," Clayyy said in an interview with media partners via Zoom, after the match.

After the success of RRQ Hoshi's victory today, the Raja Dari Raja team is even more stable in 2nd place in the standings. Clayyy has his own prediction regarding the team that will occupy the upper bracket at the end of the regular season besides RRQ.

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Thus the information regarding the MPL S8 Week 3 Day 3 game RRQ Hoshi vs RGB! Thank you.

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