Recommended Cooking Games for Android and iOS 2022!

Cooking Games

Cooking games are still popular and enjoyed by the wider community, from children to adults. Moreover, technological developments such as smartphones can facilitate access to these cooking games to fill spare time. Not only that, cooking games are also fun games for many people, especially those who have a hobby of cooking.

Cooking cooking games are increasingly varied. Not only available for PCs or computers, cooking games are now widely available for smartphones, especially Android and iOS.

There are many types of games available in Playstore and App Store. There are various categories such as racing games, fishing games, arcade games, puzzles, and many more.

For fans of culinary and cooking, of course there is a category of cooking games available on both platforms. Maybe when you first see cooking games, these games are only for kids. However, in fact anyone can enjoy cooking games.

Here are the best cooking games available for Android and iOS smartphones!

Cooking Mama

Cooking Mama's Cooking Game
Cooking Mama. Source: YouTube/TouchGameplay

Cooking Mama is a legendary game in the cooking games category. Uniquely, the cooking mama mobile game allows players to make and grow their own food.

Although this game focuses on cooking and restaurant activities, it features gameplay fishing, herding animals, and gathering supplies from the forest for food and drink to be cooked.

Another feature of this game is that players can cook and serve available dishes to make money. The money can be used to decorate the kitchen, improve the quality of the restaurant, and buy cooking supplies. Against more than 30 simple recipes to very complex recipes. There are also minigames available for players to play but they are not counted as part of the main mission of this game.

Of course, Cooking Mama is a free game and players can download this game via Playstore and App Store. However, players must be patient with the ads that appear when playing Cooking Mama.

My Café

My Cafe Cooking Game
MyCafe. Source: APK Pure

My Café has a unique concept that allows players to compete with other online players. The decoration and design of the cafe is the value for winning the competition.

Apart from being online, Vicigers can also play this game offline. My Café's gameplay consists of building a cafe and improving the quality of the cafe from a simple coffee shop to a professional restaurant.

Improving the quality of the cafe can work by recruiting staff, determining the menu, and setting prices that are suitable and competitive. This feature is one of the features that makes My Café very popular as a cooking game for Android and iOS.

Diner Dash

Dinner Dash Cooking Game
Dinner Dash. Source: APK Pure

Diner Dash is a fast-paced game where players have to cook and serve food as quickly as possible to earn points. These points are the goal of this game so that players will quickly increase their ranking in the Dinner Dash game.

This game is a story of a restaurant waitress and players must complete more than 150 levels to finish this game.

Dinner Dash has a lesson for players, namely timing and finances are very important for managing a restaurant. The higher the level, the higher the quality of the restaurant, from small to large restaurants.

Diner Dash also has a feature for players to strategically place incoming customers thereby allowing players to earn bigger tips. To hire help and buy special boosts, players can use the tips.

This game is free and available on Android and iOS platforms. However, players can buy various things that can help complete missions in this game.

Restaurant Dash: Gordon Ramsay

Restaurant Dash: Gordon Ramsay
Restaurant Dash: Gordon Ramsay. Source:

This game is very unique because there is a famous chef from a reality TV show, namely Gordon Ramsay. The idea for this game is very interesting because it features Gordon Ramsay as the main character in the game Restaurant Dash: Gordon Ramsay.

Players can manage a very busy restaurant with time based events. Moreover, players can build a chain of restaurants around the world in this Restaurant Dash game. There is also a unique feature of cooking games, namely competing with other chefs. In this game, of course, the chef is Gordon Ramsay.

Available restaurants can also be customized by players to get high popularity. So, Restaurant Dash: Gordon Ramsay is a game about improving the quality of players' restaurants. Vicigers can download this game on the Google Play and App Store platforms for free, although there are advertisements while playing this game.

World Chefs

World Chefs
World Chefs. Source: APK Done

As the name suggests, this game gives players the chance to recruit chefs from around the world. The chef can generate menu expansions and increase the value of the player's restaurant. Players will start this game with a small cafe and maintain it until it develops into a 5 star restaurant for VIPs.

This cooking game titled World Chef features cooking dishes for more than 20 countries bringing together several international cuisines. This is a very popular cooking game for offline users and it's free on Android and iOS platforms.

Those are the recommendations for cooking games that Vicigers can play on smartphones in their free time. For the need to top up smartphone games to PCs, VC Market by VCGamers surely a suitable place! Let's check right now!

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