Functions, How to Make and Use a Minecraft Composter

Minecraft Composter

This time we will review the Minecraft Composter. Yep, just like other functional blocks, Composter is a tool that you can use in the game.

You can make it in the game easily and it can help your gaming activities.

So, for those who are curious about what the tool is like, let's look at the complete review below!

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Minecraft Composter

Composter Block View
Composter Block View. Source: Official Site

Yep, this time, we will provide a complete review of Composters or Compost Makers. This is one item that can Vicigers create and use it in this sandbox game.

As the name suggests, a composter is a tool that can produce compost or fertilizer for farming purposes.

The way it works is by changing organic materials in Minecraft into Bone Meal or what can be interpreted as Bone Powder.

Later, this Bone Meal can be used to accelerate plant growth. Composters can also be an interesting source of decoration, because they have a unique texture and can be placed in various places.

Well make Vicigers For those who are curious, here are the sundries from Composter at Minecraft. And if you have started farming in Minecraft, make sure you have this tool right away!

How to Make a Minecraft Composter

Making a Composter
Making a Composter. Source: Official Site

To make a Composter, you need seven pieces of wood of any type. You can get wood by cutting down trees in the Minecraft world.

Don't forget to make a Crafting Table first so you can make a Composter! If so, use the Crafting Table and place the wood in all the slots except the middle slot (like forming the letter U).

And congratulations! You officially get Composter as a result. Like a functional block, Vicigers can place the Composter wherever you want, as long as there is free space on top (don't cover the top of the Composter so it can be used).

How to Use a Composter

Bone Meal
Bone Meal. Source: Official Site

Using the Composter is also quite easy. You only need to put organic ingredients in it.

This can be Plants, Food, Flowers, Mushrooms, Cookies, Bread, etc.

To put organic material into the Composter, you just have to hold the item and press the interaction button on the Composter. If successful, the contents of the Composter will appear to have increased/filled.

What you need to remember is that not all food ingredients thrown there will immediately produce Bone Meal.

Several items of organic material are needed so that they can fill the composter and ultimately be "harvested" as one Bone Meal.

Each organic material also has a different level of Composter compliance. The level of Composter compliance is indicated by the number of “soil layers” visible in it.

This ranges from 0 to 8. The higher the stack, the more likely it is that you have been able to get Bone Meal.

If it is full, you can immediately harvest it by using the interaction button on the Composter.

Also make sure your hands are empty when you want to harvest the Composter, so that you can collect the Bone Meal.

Apart from fertilizer purposes, Bone Meal can also be used to make White Dye, which is useful for coloring wool or glass.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Composters

There are a number of advantages that you will get when you have this tool. Here's the list>

  1. Composters can be a source of bone meal that is renewable and easy to obtain, because organic materials are widely available in the Minecraft world.
  2. As functional blocks, tools can also be an interesting source of decoration. It can be seen from te because it has a unique texture and can be placed in various places.
  3. In relation to other functional blocks, the Composter can also be used as a Redstone block, because it emits a Redstone signal when the level is maximum.

Not only that, but there are also several shortcomings. Anything?

  1. Only producing 1 Bone Meal, the Composter requires a lot of organic material, especially if the organic material has a low level of compliance.
  2. Even though it is a block, the Composter cannot be moved with a Piston. This is because Composter counts as a Tile Entity block.
  3. Composters have relatively high durability so they cannot be destroyed quickly with bare hands. The easiest way is to use an Ax.
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So, that's the complete review of the Minecraft Composter. Hopefully it can help you!

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