Functions and How to Get Primogems Genshin Impact

Primogem Genshin Impact

A number of games sometimes has a mention of currency that is different from the real world, one of which is Primogem in Genshin Impact.

There are four types of currency in Genshin Impact, namely Special, Sigils, Vouchers, and Events. Primogem itself is included in the Special category

Apart from Primogems, other currencies that are included in the Special category are Genesis Crystal, Lucky Coin, and Realm Currency.

What are the uses of this one currency and how do you get it in Genshin Impact? Come on, see more in the article below!

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Primogem Functions in Genshin Impact

Primogem uses
Functions of Primogem Genshin Impact. Source: MatchaFrogz/Youtube

This currency is described as a primordial gem that radiates the hopes and dreams of a universe that once existed. The word Primogem itself is probably a combination of the words "primordial" and "gem".

Just like the currency function in other games, Primogems can also be used to buy items in Genshin Impact. Here are its uses:

  • Refill Original Resin. For 60 Original Resin, players can exchange 50-200 Primogems;
  • Purchase Acquaint Fate or Intertwined Fate in Paimon's Bargains or Wishes menu;
  • Purchase Battle Pass levels.
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How to Get Primogems Genshin Impact

Broadly speaking, there are two ways to get Primogems, namely through Renewable Sources and Non Renewable Sources.

Renewable Sources

Renewable Resources Primogem - Daily Commissions
Daily Commissions in Genshin Impact. Source: MatchaFrogz/Youtube

Resources or quests that you can do many times to get Primogem currency as a prize are called Renewable Sources.

Renewable Sources these are Blessing of the Welkin Moon, Battle Pass, Commissions, Spiral Abyss, and HoYoLAB Community Daily Check-In.

Apart from that, you can also get this currency as a reward for completing each Daily Commission. If you successfully complete 4 Daily Commissions and talk to Katheryne, you will get an additional bonus.

Katherine's character. Source: MatchaFrogz/Youtube

Finally, you can get it from Spiral Abyss by completing quests on floors 9-12 by getting a total of 9 stars for each floor. Quests on this floor will reset twice a month.

Non Renewable Sources

Spiral Abyss Star Bounty
Spiral Abyss Star Bounty. Source: MatchaFrogz/Youtube

Non Renewable Sources is a quest that a player can only do once to get Primogems throughout the game. Here is the list:

  • One-time Star's Bounty for floors 1-8 in Spiral Abyss. Every time the player gets 3 stars in one floor, 100 Primogems will be given as a reward
  • Complete Archon Quest, Story Quest, World Quest and Hangout Events
  • Complete the tasks in the Adventurer Handbook Experience tab menu
  • Complete game tutorials
  • Complete One-Time domains
  • Opening chests (many prizes that players will get depend on the quality of the chests opened and the location of the chests)
  • Find Teleport Waypoints and Statues of The Seven
  • Level up the Statues of the Seven
  • Performs certain interactions such as Someone's Drifting Bottle
  • Participate in various in-game events
  • Use promotional codes that are distributed regularly
  • Obtained from emails containing compensation for server maintenance, notification of certain achievements, and as compensation from game developers
  • Complete various existing Achievements
  • Obtained from the Serenite Pot
  • Rewards from Adventure Rank
  • Daily Check-In HoYoLAB Community (you will get a bonus of 100 Primogems if you visit this site for the first time)

Thus the article about uses and how to get Primogems on Genshin Impact. Out of the four special category currencies, which one is your favourite?

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