Rows of Android FPS Games with Very Exciting Storylines

Currently there are several Android FPS games popular ones include Call of Duty Mobile and PUBG Mobile. The multiplayer mode offered by this game keeps players excited about playing it. However, for the storyline, the following series of Android FPS games present an interesting story that is very challenging.


Title Android FPS games From the beginning it presents a complicated but exciting story. Here the player acts as a mercenary sniper called Lonewolf with the task of protecting the main character while completing important missions. Lonewolf is a bloodthirsty sniper with truly amazing abilities. Lonewolf always succeeds in carrying out assigned missions without leaving a trace.

In this Android FPS game, Lonewolf is told to have a grudge against Mando, the mafia boss of The Assembly group. Lonewolf continues to hunt Mando so he can avenge the events of the past. An exciting storyline is also presented with cool visuals. The graphic depiction looks classic with black and white nuances like a comic book. The mission that Lonedol carries out is not easy, for example shooting a target in a car and then the position of the corpse has to hit the horn to make it sound.

NOVA Legacy

Thanks to the stunning visuals to the sophisticated array of modern weapons, NOVA Legacy is a magnet in itself. Android FPS games it also offers a special storyline. Players act as Kal Wardin, a former captain of NOVA or Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance. Due to being involved in an incident, the main character resigns and starts a normal life. It's just that, Earth is in danger with the invasion of Alien Xenox. Kal Wardin was called back to serve. This main character is now not alone because there is another character, Yelena, who will guide her. Kal Wardin relies on a spaceship called Prometheus to attack Xenox's base.

Dead Effects 2

In this game, players take on the role of a super soldier created by a security scientist, Dr. Wagner on a starship. It turns out that Dr. Wagner also experimented with human cloning, but it was not perfect, so it was fatal for the entire crew. Each crew member exposed to radiation transforms into various kinds of zombies. Players must complete tough missions, namely eliminating all zombies while freeing several main characters. In Android FPS games In this case, the surviving ship's crew will help players repair the damaged ship as a result of the failed experiment. Players and the survivors then head to the space station that is Tau Ceti. However, because the central headquarters already knew about the failure of the experiment, special forces were sent with the task of destroying the starship and its contents. Therefore, players are not only faced with zombies, but also fully armed special forces.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout

In Android FPS games This story is told by a terrorist group, The World Liberation Army, which has an evil mission to start a world war. His first target was a chemical weapon stored in a location in Venice. Players will act as Cayden Phoenix who works as a military contractor working for the Gilman Security company. The main character is assigned to Venice in order to thwart the terrorist group's plan earlier.

Once successful in securing chemical weapons, players were sent to Tokyo. But Cayden finds out that Gilman Security is involved in the incident in Venice. Cayden tries to get the real facts by his own investigation. Gilman Security, who knew, finally chased Cayden all the way to Tokyo. The main character also manages to reveal the truth if Gilman Security is proven to have a relationship with The World Liberation Army.

Dead Target: Zombie Plague

This one game also presents an exciting and complicated storyline. Carrying a zombie theme, the story takes place in 2040 preceded by a prolonged war. It was also told that there was a company, namely CS Corporation, which collaborated with the Minister of National Defense to start a secret project to turn prisoners into super troops. However, when the project started running, it turned out that CS Corporation was betrayed by the State.


As a result, CS Corporation responded by creating a zombie outbreak operation. In the title Android FPS games This player plays the role of a soldier trying to survive in this apocalyptic situation. Being the only surviving soldier, players also have a tough task in saving humans from zombie attacks.

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