Evos Kenzo Full Profile, Pro Player FF!

Evos Kenzo

EVOS Esports is currently one of the best teams in Free Fire Indonesia, with many achievements, one of which is EVOS Kenzo.

So it's no wonder that professional players and all the teams that participate in EVOS Esports are very popular among Free Fire fans. This professional player whose real name is Riki Wando is currently strengthening the EVOS team.

Before joining EVOS Esport, EVOS Kenzo played for Nesc ID and DG Esports Guilds, then DM was immediately offered EVOS Sam 13 to strengthen his team. 

EVOS Kenzo's love for the world of games started when he was little playing in an internet cafe, the first game he played was Point Blank, this hobby eventually led him to maintain war-themed games.

When Free Fire was just released, he was immediately addicted and played it to the extent it is today.

EVOS Profile Kenzo 

Evos Kenzo
Pro player ff Kenzoo

For those of you who want to be more familiar with this free fire pro player, here is the full profile.

Name: Riki Wando

Nickname: Ricky

Nickname: EVOS Kenzoo

Date of birth: April 7th

Origin: Cikampak, North Sumatra

Instagram (IG): @evos.kenzooo

YouTube: Kenzoo

TikTok: @evos_kenzoo

Facts About Kenzoo

Evos Kenzo
Pro player ff Kenzoo

Point Blank is Kenzoo's first EVOS game. He admits that it used to be a children's cafe. His hobby is playing Point Blank because he likes war games.

He plays Free Fire because he was invited by a friend who knows that Kenzoo likes to play war games. At that time Free Fire had just come out. Although he initially left the game for a month, he eventually returned to the game and became as good as he is today.

Mobile Legends is a mobile game that he played before Free Fire. Apart from that, he also likes to play casual games, namely Pou when he is bored playing Free Fire. The esports team that Kenzo admires besides his own team is the RRQ team. According to him, the playing style of the RRQ Hades team was 'spooky'.

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It turns out that Kenzoo really admires the team captain's number EVOS Sam13 hers. In one of the EVOS TV videos, Kenzoo praised the ability of the Sam13, which is above average.

Very unique, EVOS Kenzo admits that he dreams of becoming a singer. However, he is proud to be a professional player because it makes his parents happy.

Of course we need a smartphone to play Free Fire. Well, EVOS Kenzo has time to work as a steam machine washer so he can buy a cell phone to play FF. He does not depend on his parents and is ready to work hard to buy a mobile phone with his own money.

He once joined the Nesc ID guild. He has also played at DG Esports, until now he is an EVOS player.

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He is often the target of slander by netizens. However, he uses the insults of his haters as motivation to improve himself. Kenzoo can prove that he can, unlike netizens' hateful rants.

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