5 Common Mistakes Players Make in the Last Free Fire Zone

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Last zone Free Fire in the Battle Royale match is very tense. Enemies are everywhere, the playable area is smaller, and supplies are limited. Surviving each encounter became a matter of skill and luck combined.

Nevertheless, there is hope. Despite the insurmountable difficulties and opportunities, users can indeed take Booyah. By avoiding a few mistakes, surviving in the last Free Fire zone becomes easy.

Below are some common mistakes players make in the last Free Fire zone. If you're still doing it, avoid this!

Avoid Making This Critical Mistake in the Last Free Fire Zone

Shooting Opponents While on the Edge of the Free Fire Zone

Free Fire zone

As the Free Fire zone shrinks during BR matches, users often find themselves on the edge of the Free Fire zone. If they move backwards again, they will step out of the safe zone and may start taking zone damage.

In this situation, getting involved with an opponent is not a good idea. If you have the upper hand, you will slowly be pushed back outside the safety zone. This drastically lowers the chances of surviving to the end.

Rotate Without Using Smoke Or Cover

Free Fire zone

When rotating in the Free Fire zone, you need to make sure that you use smoke or glow walls. Limited space makes it easy for sniper players to take headshots and get quick eliminations.

While a gloo wall is best suited for the task, the smoke has an advantage. This helps hide the user and break the enemy's line of sight. It also makes the whole process safer.

Furthermore, what makes this situation even worse is the fact that as the Free Fire zone shrinks, players can be attacked and shot at on the edge of the safe zone, leaving them stranded. Knowing how, when and where to roll is the most important thing in the game.

Hiding Without a Plan

Free Fire zone

When the Free Fire zone shrinks, players will be forced into a smaller playing area. This causes fights to break out all over the Free Fire zone. Those who remain silent, players often hide so as not to be seen.

While strategy has its advantages, it also has some disadvantages. For example, if the enemy managed to surround a hiding person, it would be difficult to escape. To avoid this scenario, you must always rotate before the enemy can attack or make sure an escape route is open.

Not Having Sufficient Supplies

Free Fire zone

Since players landed on Free Fire, getting loot has become their number one priority. Without good loot, the early game phase will be wasted, and mid game becomes more challenging than it should be.

However, entering the end zone without sufficient supplies is even worse. Without the proper item medkit, ammo, or armor, you'll be knocked out in no time.

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Trying To Attack Hidden Opponents

Free Fire zone

Even with Skyler's Riptide Rhythm ability, attacking a fortified opponent isn't a very good idea. Given their defensive strategy, they tend to fight back and win.

You should avoid opponents like this in Free Fire. Or, they can set up an ambush nearby and hope your opponent spins in the general direction when the Free Fire zone shrinks.

Sometimes chasing opponents in Free Fire is unavoidable. The only chance for survival is crazy pushing mixed with lots of luck. However, most of the time players tend to do this in situations where it could have been avoided.

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The last Free Fire zone in a BR match can be relatively difficult due to several factors such as the smaller safe zone, enemies having a high ground advantage, or simply due to bad positioning.

While some factors will remain variable and unavoidable, others can be directly controlled by the player. With that, you can avoid these mistakes after knowing it.

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