Era Bigetron Indonesia Wins MWI 2022 With an Almost Perfect Record

Bigetron Indonesia

Bigetron Indonesia managed to win 13 tournaments in a row. Bigetron Indonesia won first place in ONE Esports MLBB Women's Invitational 2022 (MWI 2022) with an almost perfect record.

After winning almost every match in the tournament, Era Bigetron Indonesia proved that they are the best Mobile Legends women's team, securing the MWI 2022 crown in a dominating fashion.

MWI 2022 brought together 9 of the best Southeast Asian women's teams to fight for the chance to win the first Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Women's Invitational.

Apart from being proud, the winner will receive the lion's share of the total prize pool of US$15,000 (more than IDR 214 million).

The Era of Bigetron Indonesia in ONE Esports Wins MWI 2022

Bigetron Indonesia

Out of a total of 10 games, Era Bigetron Indonesia only lost one game in the grand final against another Indonesian, GPX Basreng.

The team finished the group stage strongly, securing a flawless 3-0 against Singapore's Lugia, Philippines' BREN Victress, and Malaysia's On Air Pipol.

They had the same intensity in the playoffs after beating IDNS Princess Laos, securing a grand final slot where they faced their Indonesian rival GPX Basreng.

Era Bigetron Indonesia took the first two games with extraordinary precision, thanks to Vival's excellent performance with Paquito in the first game and Granger in the second.

GPX Basreng fought back in the third game after intense back and forth in the late game, extending the series and giving Bigetron Indonesia their first defeat of the tournament.

Era Bigetron Indonesia managed to seal the deal in the fourth match, however, with Vival once again bringing the whole squad to the fore with the unstoppable Lancelot game.

Bigetron Indonesia's Extraordinary Achievements in the Professional Arena of Mobile Legends 

Bigetron Indonesia

With this victory, Era Bigetron Indonesia is now on a 13-game tournament winning streak, establishing itself as the undisputed best women's team in the professional arena of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Vival won the MWI 2022 MVP with his outstanding performance in the jungler role. In the post-match interview, he kept a low profile and said there was still work to be done.

The team will take home US$6,400, while Vival will earn an additional US$200 for his MVP award.

2 Bigetron Indonesia Players Win Perfect KDA in the 2022 MWI Group Elimination

Bigetron Indonesia

The group stage of the ONE Esports MLBB Women's Invitational 2022 (MWI 2022) has ended, and there are two Bigetron Indonesian players who got perfect KDA in the event.

Bigetron Indonesia is a team to watch during the group stage. The Indonesian representatives won all three of their matches handily, showing how strong they are as a unit.

Two of his players, jungler Vorelle Valencia “Vival” Chen and EXP laner Isnaini “Valanyr” Nurfajri, did not record a single death in their three matches.

In all three matches, the Indonesian duo performed very well and led the team to come out on top of Group A.

EXP laner Valanyr has a combined KDA of 6/0/26, with his best showing coming from their match against BREN Victress of the Philippines, where he defeated Yu Zhong 5/0/6 KDA.

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Vival has had a similarly good run of form in tournaments for the Bigetron Era, re-recording an incredible 14/0/2 KDA, with his best form coming against On Air Pipol Malaysia with a 9/0/8 KDA at Granger.

Speaking of the best players, the five BTR players really showed surprising abilities. But, someone who is chosen as MVP is vival.

Jungler It has amazing game mechanics and macros. We don't know how many times he did an orderly push that determined Bigetron Indonesia's victory.

The way the Jungler hero is used is perfect. Despite being famous for his killers, vivals doesn't hesitate to try other heroes and still brings. It's not surprising that this player was chosen as the MVP and returned to bring the Indonesian bigetron era from the 2022 MWI championship.

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They were the only players to record zero deaths in the group stage.

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