Download PUBG Lite Mobile and PC, here's how!

How to download PUBG lite mobile and PC, smaller and lighter for your device. With graphics and gameplay that are similar to the original.
Download PUBG Lite
Download PUBG Lite. (Source:

War games are the favorite of today's gamers. Many people play it from various ages and occupations. PUBG is an example. Moreover, when, Covid-19 hit, the players increased drastically. You don't need a device with very high specifications to play it. Because the lite version of PUBG has arrived. However, do you know how to download PUBG Lite?

This game with an open world survival war theme has succeeded in attracting the attention of all gamers, since its inception. 100 people will be sent to several different islands, with the main mission, to defend themselves.

Weapons will be scattered throughout the buildings in this game that you can choose according to your wishes and skills.

There will be several roles to choose from within the team. Fragger, Support, Rusher and also Scouter. The division of roles for each player will increase your chances of survival and become champion.

The only team remaining on the island will be crowned champion, with the title “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”,

Before you get there, you have to know how to download PUBG Lite which won't drain your memory. Check this article until the end, okay?

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How to Download PUBG Lite Mobile

How to Download PUBG Lite Mobile
How to Download PUBG Lite Mobile. (Source: Krafton)

You can access PUBG Mobile Lite via the link

Even though it comes with a lite version, you can still feel the sensation of playing PUBG in general, with several adjustments.

The most obvious difference is that the number of players in one map is drastically reduced. If the regular version of PUBG has 100 players, the lite version of PUBG can only have 60 players.

Apart from that, you can also play faster. Because people have been reduced in large numbers. Usually, the original version of PUBG will take 30-40 minutes, even up to 1 hour to defeat all the enemies.

PUBG Lite only takes 10-20 minutes. Cut almost in half. Suitable for those of you who don't have too much free time.

However, the quality of the graphics and gameplay is no different. The lite version of the PUBG game still gets all the features.

PUBG Lite Mobile Device Specifications

PUBG Lite Mobile
PUBG Lite Mobile. (Source: Krafton)

Reporting from the Google Play Store, the official place where you can download PUBG lite mobile, you need a cellphone with a minimum RAM specification of 1 GB, and an Android operating system of at least 4.3 Jelly Bean version.

Not only that, Vicigers You also have to prepare 700 MB of free memory.

How to Download PUBG Lite PC

PUBG Lite PC - How to Download PUBG Lite
PUBG Lite PC. (Source: Krafton) 

Before playing and downloading PUBG lite on PC, you are first required to register at

Next, you have to visit to download the 64.10 MB launcher downloader.

After that, Vicigers are directed to download the file via the launcher. The PUBG lite PC game can now be played as usual.

Just like PUBG Mobile lite, the PC version of PUBG also has no significant differences from the original version.

PUBG Lite PC Device Specifications

PUBG PC gameplay
PUBG PC gameplay. (Source: Krafton)

Reporting from the official PUBG website, you need certain specifications to download this game. The specifications are:

Minimum Specifications

  • Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64bit);
  • CPUs: Core i3 2.4GHz;
  • GPU: DirectX 11 Intel HD Graphics 4000;
  • RAM: 4GB;
  • HDD: 4GB.

Recommended Specifications

  • Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64bit);
  • CPUs: Core i5 2.8GHz;
  • GPU: DirectX 11 NVIDIA Geforce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870;
  • RAM: 8GB;
  • HDD: 4GB.

Those are the specifications you need to run PUBG on your PC.

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