Don't Mukil! Later Got Epic Come Back!

what matters is mule

The term Mukil and Epic Comeback

Hola Vicigers! What is Mukil, what is Epic Comeback? Indeed, there are many terms in the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang what new players should know so they don't get left behind.

Mukil is a term for players who are too eager to get kills. He doesn't care that he is in a stressful situation, he will still attack the enemy with barrage. This action can usually benefit the team or can also harm the team, but usually it is detrimental.

What is Epic Comeback? Epic Comeback if in grammar it means epic return. So something happens when things turn around in a cool or epic way. In Mobile Legend, an epic comeback is when a team seems to have lost and is far behind, but at the last moment they can turn things around and end up winning.

Therefore, don't get pissed off in a match because you feel like you will win, because other things can happen, such as suddenly our enemy's epic comeback and in the end the team loses.

So, keep on reading the information carefully, because there are some tips to win Mobile Legends without any mundane attacks, one of which is mastering many heroes first. By mastering many heroes, you will have a lot of knowledge and strategic choices.

Then the second is to understand the tricks of the draft pick system, by knowing and mastering the draft heroes on mobile legends, the players have a high probability of winning matches without difficulty. Players can take advantage of the counter hero strategy when drafting heroes or respecting banned.

Furthermore, the third is playing objectively to win matches such as pushing turret players or killing lords. Now the advantages of playing objectively are many, both in terms of laning and net worth, because it will increase the chance of winning in the match.

The fourth is working with a team, good cooperation will make the game in the game even better. Indeed, individual skills are needed, but good cooperation with the team will be much better and the chances of winning will be greater because of the cohesiveness to complement one another.


Fifth, a smooth internet connection is the main factor in running this Mobile Legend game. Because if the connection of the players is interrupted, there will be many obstacles which will eventually end fatally.

connect wifi

Next, the sixth, turn off cellphone notifications, because this cellphone notification is very annoying if suddenly there is a pop-up notification from an application for chat or incoming calls. As soon as it is closed the hero is killed by the enemy.

Then the seventh is working as a team, starting from understanding the heroes used and what the skills are, what the focus is for and so on so that they complement each other's shortcomings.

Eighth, choose the appropriate build, because the appropriate build will help the progress of the hero that the player uses. Next is to choose the right emblem with a high level so that the hero used gets additional speed, strength, HP, long-range attacks, and so on.

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Epic Comeback Tips

So besides that, there are also tips for an epic comeback on Mobile legends, including building a hero until it's finished, if a player wants an epic comeback, then at that time his position is being cornered, therefore he must maximize the late game.

The trick is to build a core hero in the team, which can be an assassin, mage or marksman because the core hero has great damage to conquer enemies quickly and precisely and also gives time to prepare defenses for the player's team.

Next is by playing defensively with the team, namely by playing in groups to help each other and be able to maximize defense in one lane and will move quickly to the next lane.

Then focus on conquering turrets and lords and lastly always read the situation for the right counter attack. Lure the enemy to make a mistake by setting a trap, when the opportunity arises, counterattack more quickly.

So, don't get mukil in competing, stay focused and relaxed. Don't be bar-bars, it's an epic comeback! Good luck.

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