Not Everyone Knows the Meaning of “Ganking” in MLBB!

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Hola Vicigers! inner term Mobile Legends: Bang Bang there are already a lot of them, some even divide them into several categories to find out pro player and newbie players, for example ganking. Words that are often spoken are in the form of acronyms, abbreviations or indeed words that have just been coined.

Words that can be used in Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) is not always purely created when ML exists, but in games on line others sometimes these words are often used by the gamers.

Before online game can be enjoyed in smartphone  like now, before games online-based can only be enjoyed on a computer device, so not many can play it online game.

In the game Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) will place 5 players into a team, which will fight the opposing team with the same number. The aim of the game is to destroy turret main is in base opponent.

When in the game reach turret main, player have to clean up first turret small inside lanes. With the extent of the playing arena, making player have to compose strategy to achieve base opponent.

To defeat his opponent, one of the strategies that can be used is to do Ganking. Ganking is often done by professional teams to win in matches.

Intrigued by the meaning of Ganking? and How to Tips and Tricks when the team will do Ganking to the opponent.

Safe Ganking Tips & Tricks

Before you do the strategy, you have to know what ganking is. Ganking means attacking the opponent together with the aim of surrounding the opponent, so that in a 5:1 ratio the opponent will be quickly defeated.

If you ask which is the most appropriate location for ganking, then the answer is that all places in the Land of Down have the same potential for the team to carry out this strategy.

Because, not just a mere location, however timings The right approach and teamwork will determine the smooth running of this Ganking. Wherever the location of the enemy is considered to be alone and off guard, that is where the opportunity for ganking can be executed.

Meanwhile, the right time to do Ganking is lanes the opponent is only filled by one heroes, so you can get it quickly kill from opponent, Crowd Control it is suggested to be the main thing to aim at the opponent, so that the opponent has difficulty moving.

When you are going to do ganking, it doesn't mean you have to focus only on attacking, but on the other hand, when lanes you guys are under attack, then defense be a top priority.  

Bush Gank can not only be done by your teammates, but also the opposing team has the potential to do it strategy the same, and player can use this way to avoid it. 

Avoid Opponent Ganks

When this strategy is implemented, it is likely that the opponent will be hiding in bush. Bush is the grass that is on the playing field, which makes heroes inside it cannot be seen by the enemy, and it is the right place to do Ganking.

So, player can do open map by rotating and combing the entire playing field with fighter heroes or tank heroes. This aims to find opponents who are hiding and disrupt the strategy that has been prepared by the opponent.

Apart from that, you have to be able to anticipate by not going far from turret that you keep, because if items not ready to be complained, then the loss will be the thing that is obtained by team.

The last is by listening to the sound that is onbush, However, this ability is not necessarily owned by all player. Because, usually pro player which can listen to the activity that is on the bush, well it sounds recall, or sound skills opponent.

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Those are the tips & tricks that can player use when going to carry out the Gank strategy, which in the end this Gank is an attack on the opponent that is carried out quickly by heroes one team at a time.

Good luck with gank, and keep practicing so you get used to doing gank with your playmates. Because good cooperation and communication is one of the determinants of a team's victory.

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