Don't get me wrong, this is the difference between $VCG Token and VC Coin

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$VCG Token and VC Coin are two things with different functions. You need to know this so you are not mistaken when you want to use it.

We will review the differences between $VCG Token and VC Coin. So you can know how to get it, how to use it and where to use it.

The following are a number of things about $VCG Token and VC Coin that you need to know.

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The difference between $VCG Token and VC Coin

Maybe some of you are still wondering what $VCG Token and VC Coin are. Then, maybe you are also confused whether $VCG Token and VC Coin have the same meaning and the same function.

So, this time we will review what $VCG Token and VC Coin are. So that there is no confusion about the meaning of $VCG Token and VC Coin in the future. Apart from that, so that you also know the function of $VCG Token and VC Coin.

The following are a number of things about the $VCG Token and VC Coin that you need to know.

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$VCG Tokens

VCG Token Road Map

$VCG token is a domestic digital crypto asset made by the nation's children. $VCG Token is developed on top of the web3 social commerce platform that connects gamers and allows you to buy and sell digital game items and Non-Fungible Token (NFT) assets.

You can have $VCG token easily on Pancakeswab. You can start by going to the page

Currently, $VCG token has passed the CertiK audit with a relatively satisfactory score. In addition, the holders of $VCG tokens have reached 11 thousand.

In the future, the $VCG token is projected to become a transaction tool on Metaverse Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina called RansVerse.

Most recently, $VCG token has also provided a Stake feature called $VCG Stake. This will certainly make it easier for those of you who want to do staking.

There are several advantages offered when you stake. You can get rewards in BUSD.

The amount of reward you receive is relatively large. This is adjusted according to the period of time you are staking.

The longer the period of time you take, of course, the greater the reward you will get.

VC Coin

what is vc coin vcgamers
VC Coin

Unlike the $VCG token which is a digital crypto asset, VC Coin is electronic money that you can use to make transactions on the VC Market.

You can use VC Coin to fulfill all your digital product needs by shopping at VC Market.

There are several things that you can use when using VC Coin. Namely, Top Up Diamonds, buy Vouchers or your favorite items in the game.

You can also use it for other needs. For example, topping up pulses, PLN tokens and topping up e-wallet balances such as GoPay, OVO, LinkAja, DANA and others.

When using VC Coin at VC Market, you will be free of service fees when buying products. It is certain that your service fee when buying products at VC Market will be free.

Is it clear the difference between the two? Come on, have $VCG Token and VC Coin right now.

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