This Is The Reason Why Dominance Ice MLBB Must Be Purchased For All Tanks

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As the pro Tank players say, the best attack is a great defense. Then, why Dominance Ice MLBB become a mandatory item to buy? Check out the explanation below.

If you have ever played a tank hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, one item that is highly recommended for top player builds is Dominance Ice MLBB.

It might seem trivial to some, but some players still underestimate how important this item is, especially in high-rated games.

This is the reason why you must prioritize a very versatile item, Dominance Ice MLBB in every match you play.

Reasons for Dominance Ice MLBB Must Buy Hero Tank

Meta Heal and Shield are Still Very Dimmed in Mobile Legends

Dominance Ice MLBB

Alice, Paquito, Ruby, Yu Zhong, and Balmond are some of the heroes that are still popular in the current meta patch. All of these heroes have one thing in common, they have shields that can't be broken, or healing skills that are too strong.

Dominance Ice MLBB against all those heroes. Passive item, Arctic Cold, reduces shields and heals all nearby enemies by up to 50 percent. Having this item alone makes you a kryptonite that goes against the heroes currently dominating the meta.

Since the past, Dominance Ice MLBB has been the best choice for tank and semi tank heroes. The main reason is the additional Mana and armor which is large enough for the user.

Coupled with a slow effect which is quite easy for the tank hero to start the battle. What remains a mystery to this day is that in the previous patch it was stated that Dominance Ice changed the icon and name to Holy Aegis, but until now it is still referred to as Dominance Ice. Why do you think it happened, bro?

Dominance Ice MLBB for Tank Heroes is Cost-Effective When Built Early

Dominance Ice MLBB

Dominance Ice MLBB provides user statistics which are very important in high-level games.

Firstly, it is the only tier three defensive equipment that provides a 5 percent increase in movement speed. Also, it's one of two items that include mana, which pays off in the late game.

MLBB's Dominance Ice Passive itself reduces shielding, healing, and attack speed of nearby enemies, and provides everything you need to survive in the current meta patch.

Dominance Ice MLBB Gives Your Team Flexibility In Building Their Items

Dominance Ice MLBB

There are two other items that have the ability to reduce the enemy's healing abilities, namely the Necklace of Durance and the Sea Halberd.

Necklace of Durance is mainly used by mage heroes, while Sea Halberd is used by physical damage heroes. While both of these items are great for healing or protecting heavy compositions, Mages and Marksman may be missing much more important equipment.

In the end, tanks have to take on this responsibility, because their only goal is to make the lives of their allies a lot easier, and Dominance ice MLBB does all of that.

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Destroying Marksman 

Dominance Ice MLBB

Actually, the main problem why this item is not popular, you have to get close to the enemy so that this effect can work properly.

Because when used to ward off Karrie, you have to approach first so Dominance Ice MLBB can work, even though the range in this element is quite small, and with only one skill, Karrie can easily get out of the existing range.

This item gives the effect of "Movement Speed + 5 percent" so that players can easily approach the enemy and get the effect of "-30 percent reduction in attack speed, and reduction of movement speed" to the Enemy, and add the existing 20 percent range so that the effect is easier to detect. subject to the enemy.

Surprisingly, this item is not only useful for Karrie, but also for Marksman heroes and other hero roles, so players can use this item to reduce the hero's attack speed. Well, what do you think about the item? 

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So, those are some of the main reasons why you should buy Dominance Ice MLBB for the Tank hero. How, do you already know about this?

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