Comparison of DJ Skills Alok, Skyler and Leon FF Max, who wins?

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Who will be the champion between DJ Alok, Skyler and Leon FF Max? We've made a brief summary of the skill comparison between the three. Keep scrolling down!

Diversity of characters in Free Fire MAX allows players to choose one depending on their playing style. While active characters have powerful abilities, passive characters have no cooldown time, which is a major advantage.

Before the rating season of the current battle royale game ends, many players will set a target to achieve a higher rating before it resets.

Therefore, this article will compare the abilities of three characters, Alok, Skyler, and Leon FF Max, to judge which of them is the best for push rank.

Skills Comparison

Let's see who are the best characters in Free Fire for the March 2022 push rank between DJ Alok, Skyler and Leon below.

DJ Alok

Leon FF Max

DJ Alok is one of the most famous active characters in Free Fire MAX with a fixed cooldown of 45 seconds. Using his ability, Drop the Beat, characters can increase their movement and running speed by 10 percent.

Dit also helps recover 5 HP per second for 5 seconds if the player is within its 5 meter healing aura.

Additionally, this ability heals players and allies in the zone for 5HP/s for 10 seconds. This skill is a powerful ability with a short cooldown time.


Leon FF Max

Skyler is another popular Free Fire MAX character with the Riptide Rhythm ability. He has a cooldown of 60 seconds and can create sonic waves that can destroy five gloo walls at once within a 50 meter radius.

Active characters also help restore HP by helping players recover 4 HP per gloo wall used.

This skill is an active ability that once triggered releases a sonic wave that destroys enemy defenses within 50 meters. The skill also restores 4HP with every shield used in game.


Leon FF Max

Leon is a professional basketball player. Leon came up with strange designs, one of which was a glass that was placed above the head and not forgetting the fashionable package.

Becoming a star in the world of basketball, Leon FF Max has a skill called Buzzer Beater. With this skill, at the maximum level this skill can make your character receive 30 HP after winning a battle.

If you talk about the amount of HP, it's certainly not much compared to the HP when the medkit wheel. But considering that the HP gained is instant, it's not wrong then to use this character while playing barbarian.

You must first test Leon FF Max's skills on the OB30 Advance Server and the character will be given away for free on November 20, 2021. Leon FF Max's passive ability is called Buzzer Beater. By using special skills, players will be able to recover 5 HP if they manage to survive the battle.

All of the above character abilities are at the minimum character level. You can level up their characters to make them stronger.

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Wrapping Up

Leon FF Max

Leon FF Max has no chance in terms of DJ Alok and Skyler's strong abilities in Free Fire MAX. The HP recovered by it is insufficient and only suitable for aggressive players.

When comparing Skyler and DJ Alok, the latter is the better choice as it has a lower cooldown and can recover more HP. He also increases the movement speed of the players, which is very useful for dodging enemies.

That was the skill comparison between the three. You can own who you will use when pushing rank in Free Fire Max. All of this depends on your playing style. Do not rely on the explanation above, we only provide references.

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