100 Cool PUBG Names Japanese Symbols

Use a cool PUBG name with Japanese symbols that can make you more unique from other players, like the name Akemi 明美.
Cool PUBG Names Japanese Symbols
PUBGM illustration. Source: Digievent.id.

You can load it cool PUBG name with Japanese symbols. Few people still use this nickname.

For those of you who really like Japanese culture, you definitely want your nickname to look even cooler by using symbols with the nuances of Sakura Country.

In this article, you will find 100 names PUBG cool with Japanese symbols that are guaranteed to make you stand out among other players.

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Collection of Cool PUBG Names, Japanese Symbols

You can combine the various names below to create a nickname that is unique and different from the others.

For Guys

Cool PUBG names, Japanese symbols
PUBG illustration with a Ninja theme. Source: Youtube Channel ErasableNinja.

There are several names that are suitable for you to use if you are a boy. This name can be used to strengthen your persona in the game.

For more details, here are some recommendations for PUBG names that might make you interested in using them:

  1. Ryuu (龍): Dragon, symbolizing strength and courage.
  2. Ken (剣): Sword, symbolizing sharpness and firmness.
  3. Sora (空): Sky, symbolizes freedom and ambition.
  4. Kage (影): Shadow, symbolizing mystery and strategy.
  5. Tsuki (月): Moon, symbolizing calm and peace.
  6. Ino (猪): Wild boar, symbolizing courage and tenacity.
  7. Hoshi (星): Star, symbolizing hopes and dreams.
  8. Kumo (雲): Cloud, symbolizing flexibility and adaptability.
  9. Yama (山): Mountain, symbolizing strength and steadfastness.
  10. Hi (火): Fire, symbolizes passion and enthusiasm.
  11. Rai (雷): Lightning
  12. Mizu (水): Water
  13. Kaze (風): Wind
  14. Yuki (雪): Snow
  15. Hana (花): Flower
  16. Tori (鳥): Bird
  17. Oni (鬼): Devil
  18. Akuma (悪魔): Demon
  19. Samurai (侍): Samurai warrior
  20. Shinobi (忍者): Ninja
  21. Sekai no Senshi (世界の戦士): World Warriors
  22. Gyakuten no Eiyuu (逆転の英雄): Awakening Hero
  23. Mugen no Tsukai (無限の使い): User of Unlimited Power
  24. Mezame no Shisha (目覚めの使者): Messenger of Awakening
  25. Yami no Ouja (闇の王者): King of Darkness
  26. Hikari no Senshi (光の戦士): Warrior of Light
  27. Shinigami no Shisha (死神の使者): Messenger of the Angel of Death
  28. Ten no Megami (天の女神): Goddess of the Sky
  29. Chikyuu no Seigi (地球の正義): Earth Justice
  30. Jinsei no Uta (人生の歌): Song of Life
  31. 侍魂 (Samurai Tamashii): Samurai Soul 天照大神 (Amaterasu Ōmikami) – Sun Goddess
  32. 八幡神 (Hachimanjin): God of War
  33. 不死 (Fushi): Immortal
  34. 永遠 (Eien): Immortality
  35. 無限 (Mugen): Unlimited
  36. 神 (Kami): God
  37. 力 (Chikara): Strength
  38. 勇気 (Yūki): Courage
  39. 勝利 (Shōri): Victory
  40. 鋼鉄 (Kōtetsu): Steel
  41. 月影 (Tsukiかげ): Moonlight
  42. 影武者 (Kagemusha): Shadow Warrior
  43. 死神 (Shinigami): God of Death
  44. 鬼 (Oni): Devil
  45. 剣士 (Kenshi): Swordsman
  46. 武蔵坊弁慶 (Musashibō Benkei): Legendary Warrior Monk
  47. 源義経 (Minamoto no Yoshitsune): Famous Samurai
  48. 上杉謙信 (Uesugi Kenshin): Legendary Military Leader
  49. 織田信長 (Oda Nobunaga): Founder of Modern Japan
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For Girls

Cool PUBG names, Japanese symbols
PUBG illustration. Source: Micoope.

Apart from boys, the author also has a number of names that are suitable for girls. Here's the list:

  1. 桜夢 (Sakura Yume): Sakura's dream
  2. 月夜 (Tsukiyo): Moonlight
  3. 凛 (Rin): Cool and Elegant
  4. 美咲 (Misaki): Beautiful Blooming
  5. 楓 (Momiji): Maple Leaf
  6. さくらこ (Sakurako): Sakura's child
  7. 真白 (Masuhiro): True White
  8. 奈々 (Nana): Seven
  9. 花 (Hana): Flower
  10. 月姫 (Tsuki Hime): Moon Princess
  11. 小夜 (Sayo): Little Night
  12. 星 (Hoshi): Star
  13. 雪 (Yuki): Snow
  14. 凛華 (Rin Hana): Cold Flower
  15. 光 (Hikari): Light
  16. 美月 (Mizuki): Beautiful Moon
  17. 桜凛 (Sakura Rin): Cold Sakura
  18. 真琴 (Makoto): Honesty
  19. 楓香 (Fuuka): The Scent of Maple Leaves
  20. 月見 (Tsukimi): Looking at the Moon
  21. 夜桜 (Yozakura): Night Sakura
  22. 星屑 (Hoshi屑): Stardust
  23. 雪うさぎ (Yuki Usagi): Snow Rabbit
  24. 凛冬 (Rindo): Winter
  25.  光輝 (Kouki): Brilliant Light
  26. 美咲子 (Misako): Beautiful Child in Blossom
  27. 桜花 (Sakuraka): Cherry blossoms
  28. 真奈 (Mana): True Love
  29. 楓 (Momiji): Maple Leaf (Emoji)
  30. 月夜❄️ (Tsukiyo❄️): Moonlight (Emoji)
  31. 夜空 (Yozora): Night Sky
  32. 星海 (Hoshikai): Sea of Stars
  33. 雪華 (Yuki Hana): Snow Flower
  34. 凛月 (Rin Tsuki): Cold Moon
  35. 光彩 (Kousai): Splendor
  36. 美桜 (Misakura): Beautiful Sakura
  37. 桜凛華 (Sakura Rin Hana): Cold Cherry Blossoms
  38. 真央 (Mao): True Center
  39. 楓葉 (Momijiyo): Maple Leaf
  40. 月光 (Gekkou): Moonlight
  41. 夜桜 (Yozakura): Night Sakura
  42. 星河 (Hoshigawa): River of Stars
  43. 雪❄️ (Yuki❄️): Snow (Emoji)
  44. 凛風 (Rinfuu): Cold Wind
  45. 光明 (Koumei): Bright
  46. 美優 (Miyu): Beautiful Excellence
  47.  桜咲く (Sakura Saku): Sakura Blossom
  48. 真理 (Mari): Truth
  49. 楓 (Momiji): Maple Leaf (Autumn Emoji)
  50. 月読 (Tsukigami): Moon God
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How to Change Name in PUBG Game

Cool PUBG names, Japanese symbols
PUBG illustration.

Please remember, the name change process for PUBG Mobile and PUBG PC is different. Here's how to do it for each version:

PUBG Mobile

  1. Open the PUBG Mobile application.
  2. Go to the main page.
  3. Select the "Inventory" menu at the bottom.
  4. Look for the “Create” icon on the right.
  5. See if there is a “Rename Card” item. This is a must-have item for changing names.
  6. If you have a Rename Card, tap it and select “Use”.
  7. Enter the new name you want.
  8. Confirm by pressing “OK”.


  1. Open the PUBG PC application.
  2. Go to “Inventory”.
  3. Look for the item “Nickname Change Card”. Unlike PUBG Mobile, this item is not free.
  4. If you have a Nickname Change Card, use it by clicking on it.
  5. Enter the new name you want.
  6. Confirm by pressing “OK”.

Use your imagination and create a unique and cool PUBG name with Japanese symbols! Apart from Japanese symbols, you can also use emoticons and other special characters to make your name even more interesting.

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