Complete MPL ID Season 12 roster

MPL Season 12 Rosters

It doesn't feel like the MLBB professional match event will be approaching the next season. That's right, the MLBB Premier League region of Indonesia or abbreviated as MPL ID will enter Season 12. It is undeniable, fans will wonder who the MPL Season 12 roster will be.

So, for those who are curious, let's take a look at this article! I'm sure the discussion this time will be interesting and suitable for you to share as material for chatting in the hangout of your respective subscription warkop with friends who also like to play MLBB! Just pay attention!

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Who is the MPL Season 12 roster?

MPL Season 12 Rosters
MPL Season 12 roster. Source: VCGamers

There are a number of teams that have released their roster names. However, there are some who still haven't announced it officially.

Various player transfers ahead of MPL ID Season 12 have taken place recently.

So, here are the teams that have and haven't announced their roster for MPL ID Season 12:

ONIC Esports

ONIC roster

Starting from the first, of course ONIC Esports must be present in the next season. The Indonesian representative team at the MSC event who is also the champion is truly on-fire!

From the MPL Season 11 event, they are still in a winning streak of 26x in every professional match they have played! Of course, all of this is inseparable from the "dream team" they managed to build, including the arrival of their newest roster: ONIC Nielsen!

ONIC Roster in MPL ID S12:

  • Butsss;
  • Kairi;
  • Alberttt;
  • Drian;
  • SANZ;
  • CW;
  • kiboy,

EVOS Legends

Next up is EVOS Legends, MPL ID runner-up who will also represent Indonesia at the MSC 2023 event.

Even though their performance has been pretty good this season, it's a shame that EVOS had to fall in the first round of the knock-out stage because they had to face fellow Indonesian representatives, ONIC Esports.

The roster will be announced soon.

Alter egos

AE Fix roster
AE Fix roster. Source: YouTube/Alter Ego Esports

In the third position last season in MPL ID was Alter Ego. The Celiboy Squad and friends often show optimal and promising performance in every season, even though they have never experienced lifting the MPL ID trophy. So will this season be their season?

AE MPL ID S12 roster:

  • Pie;
  • Celiboys;
  • Variety;
  • Udil;
  • nino,
  • Rasy;
  • REK T.


Is this RRQ Roster Fixed?
Without Albertt. Source: YouTube/Team RRQ

The team with the nickname 'the king' did not appear to have performed well in the last season. Had to finish fourth RRQ then try to overhaul their roster lineup in the upcoming season.

But with the loss of the 'ace card': RRQ Alberttt (now ONIC Nielsen) who switched to their 'royal derby' rival team, there is no definite prediction whether their performance in the coming season will increase, stay, or even decrease.

RRQ MPL ID S12 roster:

  • Bananas;
  • Skylar;
  • rave;
  • lemons;
  • XINNN;
  • Ferxiic;
  • Clayyy;
  • zaya;
  • Naomi;
  • Cipuy.
MPL ID Season 11 Regular Season Acquisition
MPL ID Season 11 Regular Season Acquisition. Source: VCGamers

Bigetron (BTR) Alpha

The team that is identical to the red robot logo has indeed appeared quite stagnant in recent seasons. Since Season 8, their performance has decreased significantly compared to Season 7 where they managed to appear as runners-up.

Since then, they have always been in the top 4-6 positions in MPL ID until last Season 11. Will their “mediocre” performance change soon? Of course only time can answer that.

The Bigetron Alpha MPL ID S12 roster is still unknown. However, it is certain that there will be Vynnn.

Geek Slate

The next one is arguably the "dark horse" in last season. How could it not be, the team that was formerly known as Geek Fam collaborated with Slate Esports to form Geek Slate.

Several "imported" rosters from the Philippines (who are also former DOTA e-sports athletes) were also brought in. As a result, Geek Slate's performance last season was astounding! Of course it's worth waiting for other surprises from this one team in the upcoming season.

The Geek Slate MPL ID S12 roster hasn't been officially announced yet.

Rebellion Zion

In seventh place is RBL. As one of the youngest teams in MPL ID, RBL itself has never shown such significant performance. Throughout their history playing in MPL, they have always finished in the bottom three positions.

But there will always be opportunities in the Land of Dawn for all professional teams. It's not impossible, with a little reshuffling and "importing" players, they can become one of the teams that will grow bigger!


And in the closing position in MPL ID Season 11 yesterday was AURA Fire. Actually, AURA Fire has performed brilliantly in the previous two seasons (9 and 10), by successfully closing the season in third place.

However, the team that is staffed by god1va and Facehugger (captain), haven't found their momentum in the last season, so they had to end up in the bottom position. We just look forward to their best performance in the next season.

AURA Fire roster:

  • Kimura;
  • VANs;
  • facehuggers;
  • Syndromes;
  • kabuki;
  • H ig h.

Dewa United Esports

roster dewa united mpl id s12
Dewa United roster

And the last and most recent team is United Gods Esports. The MLBB division team from a football club that plays in the Indonesian League 1 is a graduate of the MLBB Development League (MDL).

With their brilliant performance in Season 7 yesterday, they managed to emerge as MDL runners-up, after losing in the final against the “tiger cub”: EVOS Icon. So, we really have to watch his first debut in MPL Season 12 tomorrow!

Dewa United MPL ID S12 roster:

  • Dyxons;
  • Lanaya;
  • keyz;
  • Rey;
  • Watt.
MPL ID Season 11 Acquisition
MPL ID Season 11 results. Source: MPL ID Official Site
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That's the discussion about the MPL Season 12 roster. How about it Vicigers, are you guys looking forward to the kick-off?

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