5 Characters for Combo Hayato Awaken FF in Season 27

Hayato Awaken FF can you combo with the characters on this list. You can maximize his power in Clash Squad.
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Hayato Awaken FF. Source: YouTube.

Hayato Awaken FF is definitely one of the best characters in the OB33 update Free Fire. With the right combination in season 27, he will only get stronger.

Hayato Awaken FF has become one of the best characters in Free Fire in the OB33 update because his Awaken skill has been changed to a passive skill and combined with his original skill. Now, Vicigers friends will get armor penetration and reduced frontal damage when your HP decreases.

In this article, we will show Vicigers friends the five best characters in Free Fire to combo with Hayato Awaken FF.

List of the Best Hayato Awaken FF Combo

Characters with abilities are a unique aspect of Garena Free Fire. Each character has unique abilities, helping the user on the battlefield. Currently, there are 33 of them in the game, with 'K' or Captain Booyah being the most recent.

The interesting thing about the characters is that the players can also combine their skills (abilities). Hayato Awaken FF is one of the most used characters in Free Fire, and many players are looking for the best combination to use with him.

Therefore, in this article we will summarize the five best character combinations for Hayato Awaken FF in Free Fire.


Hayato Awaken FF

Antonio is one of the best free-to-play characters in Free Fire. You can buy Antonio in the in-game shop for only 8,000 Gold. The skill will give 35 Max HP at the start of the match.

With a maximum HP, you can take advantage of Hayato's skills while staying healthy. With Antonio, at 200 HP, you will have 20 percent armor penetration and 7 percent frontal damage reduction.


Hayato Awaken FF

Hayato Awaken FF is one of the best characters for rusher players and so is Jota. Jota's skills will heal you with 40 HP instantly every time you get a skill with a shotgun or SMG.

Jota will keep your HP high after every encounter so Vicigers friends can face many enemies continuously.


Hayato Awaken FF

K's ability “Master of All” is a new type of passive skill that can be toggled between two bonuses. This may be true for his name "Master of All".

Psychology Mode: Recover 2 EP every 3 seconds – up to 100 EP per match. Only part of this ability can be leveled up – at maximum level, it will restore 2 EP every 2 seconds up to a maximum of 150.

Jiujitsu Mode: All allies (including K) within a 6 meter radius gain a 500 percent increase in EP conversion rate (they will not gain any EP – the skill increases EP to HP conversion rate five times).

K is still the best character with healing abilities in Free Fire. His skills allow him to generate EP or consume EP at a faster rate.


Hayato Awaken FF

Wolfrah supposed to be a 19 year old Swedish video game streamer and esports player. His real name is Leif and his strength lies in playing first-person shooters. Following the popularity of Free Fire on streaming, this character fits perfectly into the game.

His special ability is Limelight. This ability relates to the character really well, as she is a streamer who is always in the spotlight. His ability reduces headshot damage when the enemy hits him, while his damage increases on the enemy's limbs and arms.

Wolfrahh is one of the most unique characters in Free Fire. His skills are based on the number of spectators and kills he has.

He can reduce damage to your head by up to 25 percent and increase damage by up to 20 percent on enemy limbs. It's pretty easy to get Wolfrahh's skill to work you are a rusher and his skill will prevent it from bursting down too quickly.

This ability is useful for all Free Fire players who will use this character. They guarantee decent accuracy even when you don't aim properly or miss a headshot by a few centimeters.

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Hayato Awaken FF
DJ Alok

Alok got a few changes in the OB33 update. The skill now has a shorter duration but it will heal you more. The total amount of healing remains the same.

With a shorter duration, you need to use the skill more carefully. But since the healing rate increased, it is now much stronger during battle, which is perfect for Hayato Awaken FF.

Her ability creates a 5 meter aura that increases movement speed of allies by 10 percent and recharges 5 HP for 5 seconds.

At maximum level, ally movement speed increases by 15 percent, and 5 HP is restored for 10 seconds. This ability has several uses, and can be useful in different play styles.

This ability is pretty much broken, other character skills like passive Kelly can only increase sprint speed by 6 percent, not to mention the whopping 50 HP healing and healing of his teammates above. Alok is a must-have character if you want to play competitively.

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Above are the 5 best combo characters with Hayato Awaken FF in Free Fire after the OB34 update in season 27.

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