5 Colleges for Game Design in Texas

Texas Sam Game Design College Houston State University

Texas is the state of the United States with the second largest area and population. It's no wonder that there are many colleges for game design in Texas.

This time, VCGamers will talk about colleges that offer degree programs and majors in game design. All of the colleges on this list are located in the state of Texas.

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List of Game Design Colleges in Texas

University of the Incarnate Word

University of the Incarnate Word
University of the Incarnate Word. Source: LinkedIn

University of the Incarnate Word offers various programs, one of which is 3D Animation and Game Design. The program contains learning and courses that will provide knowledge about game design.

Not only game design, you can also get knowledge about TV and movies. Therefore, the opportunities and career paths offered are very varied.

Available career paths can be in the form of special effects, video game production, and visualization. By enrolling in this college, you can get access to quality facilities.

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Lee College

Texas Lee College Game Design College
Lee College. Source: Texas Gulf Coast Consortium of Community Colleges

According to GamesDesign, Lee College is a top 10-ranked college in the United States for science technology majors. The Game Development Specialist program is included in the science technology department.

Lee College offers programs that contain education about the fundamentals and applications of video game development.

Therefore, as a student, you will have experience as a programmer, animation, storyboarding, and others related to video game development.

The program will also provide a wide range of career opportunities such as computer programmers, computer systems analysts, animators, and software engineers.

Richland College

Richland College
Richland College. Source: Twitter/@richland_dc

Richland College is a university that can be considered quite young. The college was only built 40 years ago, but Richland College is one of the best colleges in Dallas, Texas.

There is a division called The Engineering Business and Technology that offers a two year AAS degree for Game Design. The courses you will take can be in the form of 3D Animation, Intro to Game Design & Development, Level Design, and others.

In addition, you will also choose one of two major focuses, namely Art and Animation or Programming. If you choose Art and Animation, then you will focus on background art for game development.

If you choose a Programming focus, then you will focus more on aspects technical in game development and design.

Sam Houston State University

Texas Sam Game Design College Houston State University
Sam Houston State University. Source: Cappex

Sam Houston State University or SHSU is a quality state university, especially for online programs. SHSU has an award as a Community Engaged university, an award that is only given to 311 institutions in America.

SHSU has an undergraduate program for Computer Animation. The program will focus on 2D and 3D animation training to storytelling. As a student, you must complete the Workshop in Art Studio and History program to complete your studies.

In the Computer Animation undergraduate program, you will gain various knowledge in the fields of 2D Animation, 3D Computer Animation, 3D Modeling, and also Character Animation.

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Southern Methodist University

Southern Methodist University
Southern Methodist University. Source: Southern Methodist University

Southern Methodist University or SMU is a fairly young college. SMU offers two different programs to provide knowledge about game design, as well as create a portfolio by working in teams to make games.

First, there is the Master of Interactive Technology program for Digital Game Development. The program provides four specialization options namely Art Creation, Level Design, Programming, and Production.

The second program available is the Professional Certificate for Digital Game Development. There are three specializations for the certification program namely Programming, Art Creation, and Level Design.

Thus the discussion about universities in Texas, hopefully this is useful. Meet the needs of top up games and other needs only at VC Markets by VCGamers.

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