MVP Changes in MPL S8, Here's Why Celiboy Tops the Standings!

MVP changes on MPL S8

Hello fellow Vicigers. Celiboy successfully became the MVP of the Week in the first week of the regular MPL ID S8 after leading his Alter Ego team to the top of the standings.

The figure of Celiboy has been successful and has become the player who won the MVP of the Week title in the first week of the MPL season 8 regular season, after leading his Alter Ego team to the top of the standings. The figure of Celiboy who has occupied the 1st position in the MVP standings in MPL S8, it turns out that there has been a change in the system.

As you know, MVP stands for Most Valuable Player where the title is given to players who have performed the best in a match. In this MPL, players who have won the MVP title will be gathered into one standing and will get separate points for each achievement.

In MPL S8 this time, things are different and there is a change in how MVPs are classified and get points. What are the changes like?

MVP Changes In MPL S8

MPL ID S8 Regular Season MVP Regulations

MVP changes

This change has been conveyed through social media accounts from the MPL S8 committee announcing changes to the MVP system for season 8 this time.

At the recent MPL S8 event it was announced that every player who gets the daily MVP will get 10 points. Then for players who get weekly MVP will get 5 additional points.

Of course this is very different where in last season's MPL, the weekly MVP got 15 points. With this change, of course the competition in the MVP standings will be even tougher.

Then will it feel different and have an impact on season 8 this time? especially the figure of Celiboy because he managed to get 1 daily MVP and 1 weekly MVP, so his points were 15.

With one weekly MVP achievement, the figure of Celiboy was able to occupy the 1st position in the standings. Likewise with the competitors who both got 10 points in the game so far. And They're all Alberttt, Branz, Butsss, Ferxiic, Leomurphy, and Matt.

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What about in the future? A Celiboy must maintain his performance because there will still be 7 weeks left to fight for the best MVP title in the MPL S8 regular season. According to Vicigers friends, who will be the best player or the best MVP in this regular season?

Oh, friends, do you know that the MVP in MPL S8 is currently being discussed in this busy match. because since the start of the MPL ID S8 match, the figure of Albert has occupied the point value in MPL Week 1 Day 1, but the change in the regulatory system for MPV has caused the figure of Albert to fall to a rank below that of Celiboy, that has become the talk of the players and also netizens as judging in terms of the advantages that have been obtained.

Since yesterday's match, the boys from the RRQ team have been able to get close to the points obtained from Celiboy, because Albert managed to get Savage for the first time in MPL in season 8 and has leveled the match when the game against Rebellion since last time.

Of course, Albert will find it very easy to get additional points in the best MVP category which is very good in this new regulation from moonton for the MPL point calculation system, of course other players are very far behind in terms of obtaining MVP points, for example: Sanz , God1va, Xinn, R7, etc., to be the MVP in this MPL match.

It can be seen that from the current standings Celiboy is far superior and has managed to occupy a safe value to maintain MVP, for that it is enough to keep track of the Week schedule for future MPL matches by knocking out all the players so they can get big points.

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Thus the information regarding changes to the MPL S8 MVP, I hope this is useful, thank you.

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