What is the WR Calculator in Mobile Legends? Listen Here!

Maybe you are curious about how to calculate the Win Rate Mobile Legends? can it be calculated using a WR calculator or is there another tool?

Of course, you as a Mobile Legends player need to calculate Winrate to find out how pro you are in playing Mobile Legends.

Actually, to easily calculate it, you can use several methods, such as using a Win Rate calculator or calculating it manually in the Mobile Legends application.

In this article, we will provide information about the Win Rate calculator and several ways to calculate the Mobile Legends Win Rate.

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WR Calculator

Before discussing the WR calculator, it's better if we discuss the definition of the Win Rate itself.

For those who don't know, Win Rate is a statistic in Mobile Legends that shows your advantage in playing.

These statistics contain a number of pieces of information. Starting from the ratio of wins that have been obtained in the form of a percentage when playing certain heroes.

For example, if your Mobile Legends Win Rate when using Alucard reaches 90%, that means your win ratio is very high.

If your Mobile Legends Win Rate is high, it can be said that you often win and you are a pro player.

So, therefore it is quite important to measure your Win Rate to provide a benchmark for how high you get many wins, especially if you want to have a satisfying Win Rate.

The WR Calculator is a tool to help calculate Win Lose in Mobile Legends.

If you have a target for achieving a win rate in Mobile Legends, you can use this calculator.

Using the WR calculator can also be used as a tool to measure how good you are when playing Mobile Legends.

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How to Calculate Win Rate on the WR Calculator

wr calculator (3)
Statistics on Mobile Legends. Source: iNews

To calculate WR Win Lose you can do it manually. However, the method is rather difficult because it uses a formula. The following is the WR Mobile Legends counter manually:

  • Calculating Total WR: Number of Games won/total matches X 100.
  • Number of matches to be won: Total WR X Winning Percentage. 

Through the WR Mobile Legends check calculator, you can do it to make it faster and easier.

The following are steps to calculate the Win Rate in the Mobile Legends game, namely as follows:

  1. Login to the Mobile Legends game.
  2. After logging in, click Profile at the top left.
  3. Select the Battlefield column.
  4. Select Statistics and click All Seasons.
  5. See Win Rate in the yellow circle shape.
  6. In the All Seasons column, there are the number of matches that have been played before with a purple circle, win rate with a yellow circle and MVP with a green circle.
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Through hitungwr.com

wr calculator (2)
Win Rate Calculator – hitungwr.com

You can also calculate your Win Rate through a website called Countwr.com.

Actually it's quite easy to use it, just fill in the fields that are there according to your playing experience.

By using this website, there is no need for a formula anymore to use it. Only by entering numbers in the column, you can already find the result.

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So, those are the two methods that can be used to calculate your Win Rate in Mobile Legends.

You can use the WR calculator to get the result.

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