5 Painful Dyrroth Build Items in Season 25 Mobile Legends

Dyrroth is one of the sickest tank destroyer heroes in 2022. He can be used to fill 3 lanes at once, be it Hyper, Gold or EXP lanes. You have to use the Dyrroth build item to make it even more damaged.

As a fighter hero, he has very high damage and resistance. Later in the game, this character can fend off enemy attacks using tanks. The cooldown of each ability is also fast enough to use to kill opponents repeatedly. 

Like the role marksman, he is also often used to kill enemy characters with low defense such as mages, marksman and other assassins. Not only that, in the endgame, he can easily kill chunky characters like warriors or tanks.

List of Dyrroth Season 25 MLBB Build Items

You can use some of the best items below as an arrangement of Dyrroth hero items in season 25 Mobile Legends.

Tough Boots

build Dyrroth
Dyrroth's build is Tough Boots. Source: VCGamers

This item is a must have if your opponent has many characters with magic damage. These shoes reduce the magical base damage of the character. This ability also reduces the duration of the enemy's crowd control effect. Not half the same and retains up to 30 percent of the total. 

War Ax

War Ax okay
war ax as Dyrroth's best item

Every 3 seconds, this item deals additional damage to the enemy with 9 physical attacks, stacking up to 8 to 72 physical attacks. Of course this is a very high amount of damage, suitable for characters who can continuously deal damage, be it skills or basic attacks. 

Bruteforce Breastplate

Build Granger Brute Force Breastplate
Dyrroth Brute Force Breastplate best item. Source: VCGamers

Be sure to buy Brute Force Breastplate first when saving money for other items. Because this item has a max health of 750, 6 percent movement speed, and 4 percent magic resistance after using a skill to increase defense.

When using this item, Dirot will further increase his mobility and become stronger up to 50 physical defense.

Sea Halberd

sea halberd as Dyrroth's best item

Because this character has good basic attacks, Dyroth users should use Sea Spear to maximize this advantage. This item also increases physical attack stats and attack speed.

The resulting passive also gives Delos an advantage in attacking opponents, because this item causes the opponent's HP and shield regeneration to decrease by 50 percent.

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Blade of Despair

Build Granger Blade of Despair
Dyrroth's best item is the Blade of Despair. Source: VCGamers

After using this item to increase the damage output, it is best to increase the power to make Deros' Blade of Despair attack evil.

This item provides 160 physical attacks and an additional 25 percent physical attack on opponents below 50 percent health. This item also increases movement speed by 5 percent, which is useful for movement experts.

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This hero can get 10 health in battle. Now you can add a great experience to your game by using the Dyrroth build item above.

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