The Newest and Best Chou Build in Mobile Legends 2021!

Build Chou

Hello fellow Vicigers. Are you Player Chou here? definitely want to find the best Chou build for him in 2021. Hero Chou is a role fighter hero who has high mobility and also a very deadly crowd control skill, especially since Chou is currently being widely used among Mobile Legends.

Not only that, Chou is also known as an agile and difficult hero to target when a war game is in progress.

Vicigers friends, if you want to use this one hero. This time we will provide recommendations for the Chou build. Let's immediately see below.

The Latest and Best Chou Build in Mobile Legends 2021

The newest and best build for Chou in Mobile Legends 2021

Warrior Boots

build chou warrior boots

In the first item, you can buy a movement speed item called Warrior Boots. Because this item can provide additional attributes in the form of +22 physical defense and also +40 movement speed that we have.

The advantage of this Warrior Boots item also lies in its passive skill which will slightly increase physical defense by 5 times when receiving a passive basic attack from the enemy.

Build Chou Blade of the Heptaseas

blade of heptaseas

In this second item, you can also buy an attack item called Blade of the Heptaseas. Because this item is an item when playing in the early game it is very suitable for use on Chou in the solo line position.

A little info, this item can add +70 physical attack, +250 HP, and also its +15 physical penetration. Blade of the Heptaseas also has a passive that can deal additional damage in 5 seconds.

Build Chou Blade of Despair

build chou blade of despair

In this third item, you must buy it and don't get left behind because Chou's attack is bigger and you have to use an attack item called Blade of Despair, of course it is very suitable and the best for Chou's build.

The advantages of this item are complemented by the addition of attributes in the form of +160 physical attack and +5% movement speed.

Not only that, friends, items from Blade of Despair are also given a passive which can increase physical attack by 35% when our enemy's HP is below 50%.

Build Chou Endless Battle

endless battles

So Vicigers friends, this fourth item is when you enter the late game stage, where you really have to use this attack item from Endless Battle, because fighter heroes and even assassins also use it.

Endless Battle items have the advantage of being able to add attributes in the form of +65 physical attack, +5 and also an important side, namely mana regen, and an additional +250 HP, +10% cooldown reduction, +5% movement speed, and +10% physical lifesteal for Chou's hero.

Not only that, friends, passive from this Endless Battle item, Chou's hero will be able to provide additional 85% defense as true damage from our enemies. How buddy, of course, this item is very important.

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Thunder Belt


The Thunder Belt is a defense item equipped with additional attributes in the form of +800 HP, +6 mana regen, +10% cooldown reduction, and +40 physical defense received.

In this fifth item, the Thunder Belt is perfect for Chou.

What's more, friends, this item also has a passive in the Thunder Belt which can provide additional true damage of 2% and the skill user's HP to our opponent's target.

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Malefic Roar

melafic roar

In this last item for items on Chou, my friend can use Malefic Roar.

The uses and benefits of this attack item, Chou will receive additional attributes in the form of +60 physical attack and +40% physical penetration, of course, very important.

Not only that, Item Malefic Roar also has a passive to ignore 20% from the turret defense and it won't hurt very much when hit by the turret.

This is information regarding the Latest and Best Build for Chou in Mobile Legends 2021. Hopefully this is useful, thank you.

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