Buddy Barrier Pokemon Unite, The Best Shield Producing Item Right Now!

buddy barrier pokemon unite cover

Buddy Barriers Pokemon Unite is one of the defense items to strengthen Pokemon defense using a bonus shield.

Actually, there are many support pokemon who can provide shields for the core pokemon in the team. However, Pokemon Unite's Buddy Barrier can be an alternative for the core Pokemon in pushing opponent formations without having to wait for support.

Using the Buddy Barrier will also help the core pokemon to always be at the forefront and defeat many opposing pokemon.

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On this occasion, the author will discuss the various things about Buddy Barrier that you don't know about, complete with combinations and ways to use this one defense item.

Buddy Barrier Pokemon Unite Status Details

Buddy Barrier's default state

buddy barrier pokemon unite display 1
Buddy Barrier Status Details

Buddy Barrier Pokemon Unite, like other held items, you have to get before you can use it.

Unlike Wise Glasses or Muscle Band, you can only get Buddy Barrier through 1000 Aeos Coins or 625 Aeos Tickets.

The main effect of this Buddy Barrier is actually an additional HP for the user's pokemon. The additional shield is a secondary effect of this item, which of course can be activated even though Buddy Barrier is still level 1.

At level 1, Buddy Barrier will only increase the user's Pokemon's HP by 20 points. You have to increase the level of this item to at least level 8 or 9 so that your Pokemon can get an additional HP of 160 and 180 points.

Of course, you also have to have an Item Enhancer first so you can level up your Buddy Barrier.

Buddy Barrier At Level 10, 20 And 30

buddy barrier pokemon unite level 30
Buddy Barrier Pokemon Unite Level 30

The higher the Buddy Barrier Pokemon Unite level, the higher the additional HP the user's Pokemon will receive.

At level 10, Buddy Barrier Pokemon Unite will provide a bonus HP of 200 points. If you work hard at leveling Buddy Barrier up to 20, then this item will give you a bonus HP of 400 points.

The most GG is when Pokemon Unite's Buddy Barrier has reached the maximum level or 30, this item will give a HP bonus of up to 600 points. Not bad for a pokemon that has low defense.

As for the shield effect, at level 30 the shield produced from the Buddy Barrier will last up to 4 seconds.

Therefore, you must be diligent in collecting Aeos so you can increase the level of this Buddy Barrier at the beginning of the game.

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Buddy Barrier Pokemon Unite Combo Items

Duet With Shield Producing Pokemon

buddy barrier pokemon unite blastoise and shield
Blastoise, One of the Shield Producing Pokemon

Barrier Buddy will be able to make the shield given from the support pokemon even stronger. For example, Buddy Barrier can be strengthened by Eldegoss's Cotton Guard skill.

Of course, to activate the shield effect of this Buddy Barrier, the user's pokemon must first use a Unite Move or ulti.

Most Unite Moves take time to build mana with a fairly long cooldown, so make sure you only use Unite Moves when necessary.

Use Together With Wise Glasses

buddy barrier pokemon unite with wise glasses
Details of Wise Glasses

The duet of Buddy Barrier and Wise Glasses will produce an offensive and defensive duet that will rely on sp. attack the user's pokemon.

For example, you can combine these two items with Venusaur which has Unite Move sp. attacks. Later, when Venusaur uses her Unite Move, she will get an additional bonus shield and of course receive additional damage from the Wise Glasses.

The most important thing about the combination of these two items is that the user's pokemon won't be interrupted by an opponent's attack after using a Unite Move.

Use Together With Muscle Bands

buddy barrier pokemon unite with muscle band
Muscle Band Details

As with the combination with Wise Glasses, the duet of Buddy Barrier Pokemon Unite and Muscle Band will also produce combinations of attacks and combinations of defense.

Most of the Pokemon Unite tiers are pokemon with melee or physical attacks, so Buddy Barrier will increase the resistance of pokemon with these dominant skills.

You can use this combination for Talonflame, which has quite a low defense even though it's already level 15 in the arena. However, he has a GG attack in the late game.

The combination of Muscle Band and Buddy Barrier will help Talonflame survive the enemy Pokemon's successive attacks after he uses his ulti.

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5 Pokemon That Must Use Buddy Barrier Pokemon Unite


buddy barrier pokemon unite with cinderace
Cinderace, Pokemon With Long Range Attacks

Pokemon Unite's Buddy Barrier will protect Cinderace while he is roaming, especially in the mid to late game. Cinderace is a pokemon with long-range attacks, so he is very vital in the team for poke and DPS, especially steal kills too.

Cinderace's Unite Move which can increase his speed is also very useful for dealing painful physical damage, especially with the combination of Buddy Barrier and Muscle Band.

With this combination, Cinderace can destroy opponents or Zapdos, and can be used for steal kills too with the right timing.

Cinderace's Blaze Kick will also become more immune to opponent attacks after he uses his ulti and gets a shield from Buddy Barrier.


buddy barrier pokemon unite with talonflame
Talonflame, Pokemon With High Attack

Buddy Barrier Pokemon Unite will really help Talonflame to survive in the arena from enemy ganking. This Pokemon has excellent speed and offensive abilities, but its defense is very lacking.

He must use the Buddy Barrier and Muscle Band so that his attack and defense capabilities don't decrease. This will also help when the blink skill is on cooldown.

When his Fly skill is on cooldown, Talonflame will be vulnerable to enemy counterattacks. By using the shield from Buddy Barrier, he will be able to survive the attack.

Luckily Talonflame is equipped with Unite Move which can also be used to blink. This will really help him escape from the pursuit of opponents who are not affected by his Unite Move.


buddy barrier pokemon unite and zeraora
Zeraora And Buddy Barrier For Great Combo

When Buddy Barrier Pokemon Unite gives its shield effect to Zeraora, it will become a more flexible pokemon to move around again.

Zeraora is a pokemon that is quite agile and has quite high physical damage during the mid to late game. It's quite fun to use for combo attacks.

After he gets a bonus shield from Buddy Barrier, he can spam a lot of his skills like Spark or Wild Charge. Automatically the opponent will also be overwhelmed by the attack of this one electric pokemon.

Because he is also a pokemon that relies on melee attacks, Buddy Barrier Pokemon Unite will help improve his defense well.

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buddy barrier pokemon unite and greninja
Greninja, Pokemon With Cool Unite Moves

Greninja, who poses like a ninja, will become even more adept at attacking his opponents with the Buddy Barrier Pokemon Unite combined with the Muscle Band.

Unite Move from Greninja is also very OP because he will throw a large water shuriken that can reduce the opponent's speed. With Buddy Barrier, of course he can continue his attacks without worrying about being hit by counterattacks from opponents.

Greninja can also lifesteal by using Water Shuriken or Surf skills. The author recommends just taking Water Shuriken so he can attack opponents from afar.

However, you have to be patient to get this skill because he will get it when he gets to level 7. The combination of Buddy Barrier and Muscle Band makes this skill attack even more painful.


buddy barrier pokemon unite with dragonite
Dragonite, the All-Rounder Attack Pokemon

This Pokemon that is included in the All-Rounder tier will benefit from the Buddy Barrier in the form of a shield when using its Unite Move.

Most Dragonite attacks are melee attacks that will use a lot of dash. You have to be good at directing the Dragonite attack path so you don't scatter mana, of course.

Fortunately, Dragonite's Unite Move attack is an attack that will temporarily paralyze the opposing Pokemon. So, with Buddy Barrier he will be able to escape more efficiently after using his Unite Move.

If you want to stun your opponent afterwards, you have a 4 second chance to use the Hype Beam Dragonite skill.

The Hyper Beam Dragonite skill has the additional effect of increasing its defense. In addition, his Dragon Dance skill will increase his movement capability.

Therefore, if you use Dragonite, choose Dragon Dance and Hyper Beam skills when he gets to level 5 and 7.

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Buddy Barrier Pokemon Unite can actually be applied to all Pokemon. However, some of the benefits can only be obtained by certain Pokemon such as Talonflame and Greninja. So, don't be confused about Buddy Barrier anymore, Vicigers!

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