Bistro Heroes For PC, Unique RPG Game There's Cooking

Are you looking for an interesting and unique RPG game that you can play on your PC? Should try Heroes Bistro, a role-playing game published by Team Tapas. What's unique about this RPG is the cooking aspect. That's right, this is not an ordinary RPG game where you go on an adventure and fight enemies, this game also has cooking activities.

Cooking is actually one of the main parts of what Bistro Heroes has to offer. One of the main characters that you will use is a cook and he will prepare the dishes while you use the others to fight. Bistro Heroes is an interesting and unique game. How to play Bistro Heroes?

Cooking Elements

Let's start by discussing the cooking element in the game. As previously mentioned, cooking is a big part of the gameplay. You'll notice this right away during the game's tutorial which will teach you about the basics of fighting, as well as cooking. The player's base of operations is a small cooking place called the Bistro. Now, every time you battle, you get groceries as a reward and you can use them to cook food.

The food you cook will be sold to make money. That's the main way you make money in Bistro Heroes. Because that is the reason why cooking is important. In order to cook more food, players need to get new dishes and new ingredients. Dishes are earned through rewards from completing certain battle stages. Dishes are sold automatically, but it takes time. To mitigate this, players can upgrade The Bistro to increase its turnover rate and allow you to make quick bucks.

Unique Battle System

The combat system in Bistro Heroes is also unique. Before starting, players can choose which heroes they want to join in the battle. Then once it starts, your heroes will start to merge into one. There will be a dotted line indicating where each hero will go after performing the action. There are certain situations where putting heroes together is a good option, so take a look at the battle first before setting it up. Hero will also attack automatically. They will attack the nearest enemy. But you can make them concentrate their attacks on a specific enemy by clicking on that enemy.

Gacha System

Unlike most RPGs, Heroes Bistro don't rely on the gacha system to get new heroes. Instead, you'll only get heroes as you advance in the game. They usually appear after you complete certain stories, and can be used in battle. This is one of the RPG games that doesn't have a collection of heroes as one of its main objectives. However, that doesn't mean that this game doesn't have a summon gacha system.

Gacha summons are for costumes (skins) and furniture that you can use in the game. Costumes and furniture are items that will improve your heroes. Costumes can also change your hero's appearance while furniture makes The Bistro look more like a restaurant and attract more customers to come. And like other gacha RPG systems, the costumes and furniture here will fall into 1 of 5 tiers, with C being the lowest and SS being the highest. The higher the level, the lower the summon percentage.

Stamina and Upgrade System

Heroes Bistro also has a Stamina system. Players will need stamina in order to participate in battles. Of course, you can upgrade to increase the limit and reduce the time it takes to recharge. You can also watch an ad to replenish some of your stamina to allow you to fight again.

The upgrade system is another interesting part of Bistro Heroes. Players can not only increase stamina to increase the limit and reduce charging time, but upgrades also play a role in improving the hero. You can upgrade it to increase your stamina and overall damage. You can also increase cooking spell speed and gold capacity. That's why upgrading is an important part of this game.

Tips for Playing Bistro Heroes

After having an overview of the basics Heroes Bistro, there are some important tips in playing the game properly including:

  • Upgrade cooking spells to improve dishes and sell them faster.
  • Focus on the minions first when fighting.
  • Always polish weapons and upgrade the main hero's armor.
  • Participate in events to get more rewards.
  • Decorate The Bistro to upgrade heroes and attract more customers.

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