FF's Best Combination of Weapons for Rushing in the Pro Player Style

FF's Best Weapon Combinations

Use the best combination of FF weapons on this list, you can rush like a pro player Free Fire. To get Booyah easily, this weapon will definitely help a lot.

Possessing an unparalleled set of attributes, various firearms are available in Free Fire. Their use is subject to a state of war. Therefore, gamers need to pair weapons according to their playing style.

To use rush gameplay in Free Fire, you must have fast movement speed, quick reflexes, and excellent shooting accuracy.

Weapon attributes affect all of the factors mentioned. Therefore, you must prioritize the best FF weapon combinations in playing the rusher role efficiently.

The following is a list of five of the best FF weapon combinations that are amazing to play like pro player Free Fire rushers.

List of FF's Best Weapon Combinations

Rusher is one of the most popular roles in Free Fire. Rushers become the spearhead of the team that do battle first, open war, and break through enemy formations.

Being on the front line, Rusher must be trained in close combat. Of all the close to mid range combat in Free Fire, here are five of the best FF weapon combinations for Rusher players in Free Fire.

Kingfisher + UMP

FF's Best Weapon Combinations

FF's best weapon combination for the first rusher is Kingfisher + UMP. Excessive movement speed is the most significant attribute of the Kingfisher.

It helps users make easy drag headshots and handle close combat. This Assault Rifle has decent damage, range, and reload speed.

The UMP is one of the most popular submachine guns in Free Fire. With very high movement speed and a decent rate of fire, its armor-piercing power is the main factor that sets it apart from others in the same category.

Groza + MP40

FF's Best Weapon Combinations

The second best weapon combination in FF is Groza + MP40. Gamers love using Groza because of its increased stability when firing, which in turn reduces bullet dispersion and offers precise shots at enemies.

Moreover, this fantastic AR has enough range and damage for long-distance combat. Groza is the strongest AR in Free Fire which is everyone's most sought after weapon regardless of role.

This one comes with high damage and range and low recoil, so it's easy to master. Similar to AR M4A1, Groza is suitable for use in all situations, even in medium to long range combat. For close combat, you can trust the MP40 as the combo.

Known for its impressive rate of fire, the MP40 can be the top choice for SMG users in medium and close range combat because there is only a slight reduction in the user's movement speed when holding it. FF's best combination of weapons, Groza and MP40 is probably the most appropriate combo for AR and SMG.


FF's Best Weapon Combinations
Best Shotgun in FF

AK + M1014 is also the best FF weapon combination that you can use as a rusher. Overall, AK has a good set of attributes and is a great AR for all ranged fights.

This is often frustrating for users due to its fast recoil. Therefore, they must have the skills to control it. If mastered, this AR is capable of producing precise headshots.

M1014 is a lethal shotgun for close combat. Due to its very slow reloading speed and movement speed, players should practice enough and acquire the skills to handle the M1014.

AUG + Charge Buster

FF's Best Weapon Combinations
Charge buster

AUG has a larger magazine size, giving gamers a slightly longer shooting duration. Also, due to its high fire rate and movement speed, they would feel it was very light. AUG has captivated many players since its release.

Charge Buster is the newest rifle in Free Fire. It has a quite unique way of operating. Users have to hold down the fire button to charge it.

Also, the longer the button is held, the less bullets will scatter, which improves accuracy significantly. This cool shotgun has sufficient movement speed, range, and accuracy. Charge Buster's damage has been shown to be zero as it depends on how much is charged.

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Woodpecker + M1887

FF's Best Weapon Combinations

Woodpecker is arguably the deadliest weapon in Free Fire. It's excellent in almost every aspect. With incredible armor penetration power, the user can overpower opponents easily.

Two to three body shots or one head shot from the Woodpecker is enough to eliminate the enemy.

The double barrel M1887 is the most popular shotgun among Free Fire gamers. It has the talent to deal the highest possible damage with greater accuracy. On top of that, he also has armor-piercing powers which make him even more lethal.

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So, those are 5 weapon combinations in Free Fire for Rushers. Use those weapons for close combat and become the best Rusher like never before!

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