Best Build Asta Honkai Star Rail: Light Cone, Relics, Team

Asta Honkai Star Rail

When Asta uses the best build, he can be considered the best Fire character in the world Honkai Star Rail

Asta is a support that you can use to destroy shields and increase the team's SPD status.

With this ability, Asta is suitable for you to use on Honkai Stae Rail.

However, in using Asta there is a problem that awaits, namely Asta requires a lot of resources to be used effectively in battle.

Therefore, we will help you to provide a guide regarding the best build for Asta in Honkai Star Rail.

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Asta's abilities in Honkai Star Rail

Asta Honkai Star Rail
Abilities Asta. Source: VCGamers

Asta is a four-star Fire element character in Path of The Harmony. The characters in this Path are support characters who focus on improving the abilities of teammates to get better results. 

The following are all the abilities that Asta has:

Spectrum Beam (Basic attack)

Asta will deal Fire DMG equivalent to 50%-110% of his ATK stats to the enemy.

Meteor Storm (Skill)

Asta will deal Fire DMG equal to 25%-55% of his ATK stats to the enemy and then deal an additional 25%-55% Fire DMG equal to his ATK stats to random enemies 4 times.

Astral Blessing (Ultimate)

Asta will increase the SPD of all team members by 36-53 for 2 rounds.

Astrometry (Talent)

Asta will get one Charging stack for each enemy hit by his attack, and one additional stack if the enemy hit has a Fire Weakness. For each Charging stack that Asta has, the ATK of all team members will increase, up to five times.

Miracle Flash (Technique)

Asta will attack the enemy after using his technique. When Asta enters battle, he will deal Fire DMG to all enemies equal to 50% of his ATK stat.

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Best Relics for Asta

Best Relics for Asta
Best Relics for Asta. Source: VCGamers

Asta may be a Fire unit, but the most optimal role he plays is as a shield breaker. Therefore, the best Relic set for building Asta is Thief of Shooting Meteor. 

Here are the set bonuses for the Asta Relic set:

  • 2-piece bonus: Break effect increased by 16%
  • 4-piece bonus: The wearer's Break effect is increased by 16%. The wearer will regenerate 3 Energy when giving Weakness Break to an enemy.

The best ornament set for Asta is Sprightly Vonwacq. This ornament will give Asta 5% Energy Regeneration and 40% Forward Action.

Best Light Cone for Asta

Asta Honkai Star Rail
Best Light Cone for Asta. Source: Dexerto

The best Light Cone for Asta build is But the Battle Isn't Over. This is a very powerful Light Cone that will provide an Energy Regeneration rate of 10%-18% and restore 1 Skill Point after using the Ultimate Ability.

This effect will appear after 2 uses of Ultimate by Asta. After Asta uses his skill, teammates in the row will provide additional 30%-50% DMG for 1 turn. This Light Cone can be obtained from the Starlight Exchange shop for 600 Undying Starlight.

The best 4 star Light Cone for Asta is Memories of the Past. This Light Cone will increase Asta's Break Effect by 28%-56% and also produce 4-8 Energy when attacking the enemy.

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Best Team for Asta 

Best Team for Asta 
Best Team for Asta. Source: Dexerto

Asta is a very situational character, especially when used to destroy shields. He can give buffs to teammates.

The best units that you can pair with Asta are Seele, Fire Trailblazer, and Natasha. 

This is because Asta can destroy the fire shield very quickly, so Seele can destroy weak enemies quickly.

Fire Trailblazer and Natasha are very supportive support units when partying. 

For other alternatives, you can also use Yanqing as a replacement for Seele and Gepard as a replacement for Fire Trailblazer.

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That's our discussion this time regarding the best build for Asta Honkai Star Rail.

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