2021 Bangladesh Allegedly Will Ban PUBGM and FF in their Country

pubgm and ff tires

Information has been heard that Bangladesh is considering banning PUBGM and FF. Previously, this grapevine was also heard in our country, there was news that Free Fire would be removed from Indonesia. However, this is still just a rumor and cannot be proven true.

Bangladesh did all this for a reason, but the decision was taken after many reports regarding the bad effects on children of the two games, namely PUBGM and FF.

It was reported that the Ministry of Home Affairs and Education of Bangladesh is currently reviewing plans to implement PUBGM and FF bans, according to information reported by Dot Esports.

Even so, Dipu Moni, as the relevant minister, said that they admitted that they did not have strong data to carry out the policy.

Dipu Moni said in more detail that they did not yet have analysis or data regarding the bad effects of PUBGM and FF on children. However, he also said that much needed to be improved to prevent this.

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PUBGM and FF ban in many countries

pubgm and ff tires

The PUBGM game was indeed controversial in several countries, for example in India and Pakistan which had previously blocked this game, due to the political tensions between the two countries and China.

Not only these two countries, but there are still many other countries that are doing the same thing, such as Iraq, Nepal, Afghanistan, etc.


FF even went so far as to create a special server for players in Bangladesh and its surroundings, just in case unwanted things happen, things like blocking for sure!

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