7 Methods Using Harass Attacks, What Is It?


Aloha Vicigers! In game  Mobile Legends: Bang Bang  lots of terms used. One of them is attack Harass. Attack Harass constitutes an attack or damage to heroes opponent, and also the opponent is not given the opportunity to counterattack.

What is a Harass Attack?

attack terms Harass taken from a word in English namely "Harassement” which means annoying. This is interpreted in the same way as an attack Harass exists in this context.

Disturbances or Harass this is usually done against opponents by players with role Soft or Hard Support, who is accompanying carry role or Safelaner. Well besides that, heroes which usually do this glitch ie heroes with type ranged or heroes which has a ranged attack. Therefore heroes it can easily attack enemies until they die.

Disruption of this kind many say one of the important things, because it does not only interfere with offlaner from the opposing side, but can also provide an opportunity to kill when the opponent is off guard.

Harass attack

For the use of his own words that are often encountered in the game Mobile Legends this is something like “Please harass si offlanernya, let him hard to make laning and back to basehis". With a sentence like that can make the opponent distracted.

There are several methods of doing harass it's in the game Mobile Legends. Some of these methods are very important for players to master so that the game can run more smoothly and smoothly, these methods are:

  • Zoning

Zoning this is an attack method Harass which is arguably the most important. Players will force their opponents to play backwards. In this way, players usually create their own zone.

Then normally heroes effective in this position ie heroes that have range tall. Because it can push opponents to get out and also make team members safer. There are also several types of zoning, but the most important are: attack modifier and also skills.

Zoning skills like those owned by Pharsa, Aurora, or Alice can be said to be very strong, because heroes this can make your opponent think twice or even more to enter.

  • Debuffing

Debuffing this is usually by heroes that have skills based or hero mage who will be very strong when in this position. For example like Thamuz and also Valir, they are very strong because they have harass damage skills which is very dangerous. damage the highest came from CC and also DoT, second damage it can be very useful for harass and also at the same time in preparing for killhis.

  • Kiting

Kiting this is arguably quite different from the others and even arguably more complicated. Kiting this is useful for making the opponent feel a hassle. No need to use damage high, but enough with the enemy difficulties or hassles to pursue, then harass This can be said to have been a success. Heroes who are very strong in this position for example like Kagura.

  • Hit and run

Hit and run all types can do this heroes. However, heroes stronger for in this position ie heroes type fighters. Heroes by type fighters can enter and also close, hit and even give damage, then after that retreat and run away from the opponent. With fast time, heroes it can provide high interference without any problems. Heroes who are very strong to be in this position, namely like Thamuz, Chou, X-Borg and also Silvanna.

Apart from that, there are also several things players can do to winharass counter, that is:

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  • Swap Lanes

Swap lanes this is the most extreme thing if the player has no choice of way out. It's not wrong if a player asks to exchange lanes with other team members.

  • Heal

Heal also includes things that are very important, both from heal normal or lifesteal can do to ignore harass from opponent.

  • Trading

one for mcounter harass which is quite effective, namely by doing harass back to the opponent. Players can do this with damage trade which can benefit the players.

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