Article Processing Tips for Content Writers

article processing tips for content writers

Use of language that suits the target market

Using the right language for the target market is one of the important keys in creating articles. 

When content writers understand who their target audience is, they must create articles on topics they like. 

To find out the target market, content writers need to do research first, starting from age, profession, background, lifestyle, geography, and so on. 

Once you know this, it will be easy to determine the topic and language style in the articles you create.

In adjusting the language style to the characteristics of the target audience, the articles created do not always have to follow the EYD.

Because a light or relaxed language style has its own appeal for young audiences such as Gen Z, and a language style that is too complicated can also make the audience confused and stop reading.

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Conduct data research as needed

Before writing an article, the important thing to do is collect data from various trusted sources.

There are many sources that can be used as reference material in writing articles. Starting from websites on the internet, books/e-books, videos on YouTube, and other platforms that are worthy of being used as sources.

A content writer must be able to keep the articles created on the main topic and not write articles with topics that are too broad.

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The Importance of Including Sources in Articles

When writing an article, a content writer will use many sources, so it is mandatory to include the origin of these sources in the article being written.

The aim is to avoid acts of plagiarism or copying from the sources used. By including the source, a content writer also appreciates the services of the person whose writing has been used as a quote.

Apart from that, including sources also helps readers who want to know more about the source of the quotation used.

So, those are some tips from us about processing articles for content writers. After you've finished reading this third guide, let's continue reading the fourth/final guide here Content Writing: SEO Friendly for Articles/Blog Posts.

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