These are the Strengths of Antonio's Free Fire Character, His Skills are Amazing!

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One character that players rarely use nowadays is Antonio Free Fire. However, you need to know some of the advantages. The skill turned out to be extraordinary.

Garena Free Fire has various characters with special abilities that help players in a match. There are a total of 40+ characters in the game. Apart from Nulla and Primis, each character has abilities that can affect the outcome of the match.

Antonio Free Fire is a strong character, known for his effectiveness in Clash Squad mode. This article discusses some of the advantages why you should try to get them in the game.

List of Strengths of Antonio Free Fire

There are various kinds of characters in Free Fire that players can choose from. These characters have become an important part of the game, and each has its own abilities. Antonio is one of the most liked characters in the game because of his ability called Gangster Spirit.

In this article, we will discuss its advantages, abilities and what you need to know about it in Garena Free Fire.

Amazing Skill

Antonio Free Fire

Antonio Free Fire has a passive ability called Gangster's Spirit. At its base level, this ability gives players an extra 10 HP when the round starts. At his max level (level 6), he gets an additional 35 HP when the round starts.

His ability is Gangster Spirit, which gives the player 10 extra HP when the round starts. There are 8 character levels. At maximum level, the user receives an extra 35 HP when the round starts. If the player has a character at maximum level, they will start a battle royale match with 235 HP.

There is a costume set for every character, and Antonio is no exception. He has two sets that players can benefit from, Antonio's Suit and Gray Leather Jacket.

  • Gangster's Spirit Level 1: Increases max HP at the start of a match by 10.
  • Gangster's Spirit Level 2: Increases max HP at the start of a match by 15.
  • Gangster's Spirit Level 3: Increases max HP at the start of a match by 20.
  • Gangster's Spirit Level 4: Increases max HP at the start of a match by 25.
  • Gangster's Spirit Level 5: Increases max HP at the start of a match by 30.
  • Gangster's Spirit Level 6: Increases max HP at the start of a match by 35.

Best for Clash Squad Mode

Antonio Free Fire

He is one of the best characters for Clash Squad mode as it offers players a significant HP advantage at the start of each round. Due to its abilities, players will always have the upper hand over their enemies during battle.

This skill is one of the strongest skills in Free Fire. Having a higher max HP allows you to last longer in battle and win solo battles easily. This skill is very good overall and can be combined with other skills in Free Fire. 

However, it's best to combine this skill with other skills that also increase your resilience in battle such as Andrew's Vest Specialist skill or Jota's Sustained Raid skill.

Early in the Game

Antonio Free Fire

The additional HP that this character has when he gets off the plane can help him in the battle against enemies at the start of the game.

Due to this advantage, players can try different types of firearms for free. Melee or lead really doesn't do the trick. At least, you don't have to worry about situations where you and your enemy have the same team.

To choose a weapon, there are almost no specific choices. You can choose all weapons. Along with your HP bar more than the enemy.

You can say that normally, all characters die in the sixth bullet, but with it keeps you alive. This character can be purchased for 499 diamonds or 2500 diamonds complete along with the set.

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Can Combo Skills

Antonio Free Fire

This character's skill is great for combo skills both in Clash Squad and ranked mode in Free Fire. The best skill combination for him involves DJ Alok's healing ability, Kelly's increased sprint speed ability and Hayato's increased armor penetration ability. This combination proves to be deadly and profitable for both passive and aggressive players in Free Fire.

Of course, the additional advantage of HP must be optimized by him with other FF characters that can support their skills. He can be paired well with the characters Kelly, Andrew and Miguel.

For Andrew and Miguel it's flexible because they are only used to continue to maintain their HP to last longer. Kelly's ability in terms of speed will help players to loot more and, of course, he will defend more time while killing opponents.

With the advantage of HP, at least a long-distance battle that can drain HP. It is necessary to try to wait for the waiting strategy and shoot the enemy in several shots.

Even so, his freedom seems to be more aggressive is not a problem. When there is a narrow battle, hurry through the enemy's weaknesses, so don't have time to reduce the HP of your Antonio character too much.

With his ability for additional HP at the start of the match, he has several combination options that can be used.

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This article is just a reference for all of you. The reasons stated here are some of the aspects the author explored with the characters, there may be more reasons.

Those are some of the advantages of the Antonio Free Fire character that you must know. Even though he's rarely used, it turns out that he has good skills in Clash Squad mode. Are you interested in using it.

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