5 Advantages of Hero Chang'e in Mobile Legends

One of the strengths of Chang'e's hero that you need to pay attention to is that he can steal your opponent's buffs very quickly and easily.
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So that you can maximize the potential of this hero, you must pay attention to the 5 advantages of Hero Chang'e here Mobile Legends this.

Chang'e is one of the strongest mage heroes in Mobile Legends. This hero is often chosen and encountered when playing ranked or playing classic. This hero's ability is of course very deadly, and this hero can easily kill enemy heroes. 

To play well with him, you have to use every offensive skill he has. This will help attack your opponent and cause the most damage.

Also, if you are playing as support, you should be able to provide good protection to teammates or the damage they cause. This one hero mage will also make your team able to reach a high place later in the game.

For those of you who are still unsure about using this hero, here are five advantages of Hero Chang'e that you definitely want to use. 

List of Strengths of Hero Chang'e MLBB

Lots of Damage in the Early Game

Advantages of Hero Chang'e
ML heroes

The first strength of Chang'e's hero is that he has a lot of damage at the beginning of the game, which is an advantage that almost all heroes in the role mage have.

The damage is very large in the early game because this hero has a type of magic damage which is known to be very large in the early game. Then the second reason is his passive skill, namely (Trouble Maker), this skill increases his damage to the target with a score of 2 percent to a maximum of 40 percent.

He has good skills in doing blasting damage. He has the highest ability to kill his opponent immediately.

Her Ultimate Skill, when used, causes her to emit a meteor swarm to attack her opponent. You can use it not only to attack your opponent, but also to defend.

With great damage, of course he can quickly kill opposing heroes and play a barbarian at the start of the game. Isn't that beautiful? 

Have Many Skills

Advantages of Hero Chang'e
Hero Skills

Chang'e's next hero advantage is that he has a wide range of skills, this advantage makes it difficult for him to lock himself in battle and become an opponent of interacting heroes.

Of the four skills this hero has, skill one and skill three are the most attainable. Skill One, namely (Starmoon Shockwave) Chang'e shoots energy balls forward, dealing damage and crowd control effects.

Then the last three skills, namely (Meteor Shower) Chang'e shoots meteors forward, dealing damage and increasing Chang'e's movement speed by 20 percent. 

Chang'e in today's meta is a flexible support hero. Can be used as a supporting belly hero, middle laner or offlaner.

This is of course an additional point for him and you as a user no longer have to look for the best role for this hero, it can be adjusted according to the composition of the heroes on your team. Chang'e, if he is an offlaner, can defend well and also carry out his duties well.

Can Steal Opponent's Buff Very Quickly

Advantages of Hero Chang'e
Hero Skills

Hero advantages Another Chang'e is that he can easily defeat his opponent's Buff, this is his advantage. As shown above, he only needs to use his third skill to steal his opponent's Buff. This will weaken the opponent's base hero, you should try this method when playing on the leaderboard.

He has really good moves. If he used his second skill, more debuffs would become available. Movement speed will increase and there will be more shields that you can get.

We hope you will master the use of this second skill. This will improve its performance and make better moves in the game.

Very Easy to Use

Advantages of Hero Chang'e
Hero Skills

Hero advantages Chang'e is very easy to control. This advantage makes many Chang'e users rarely play noob and become a burden for the team.

This hero is actually very simple and easy to control, you don't have to have high hand speed and strong instincts to use this hero. Enough to understand the exact time of attack and defense, you are guaranteed to use this GG. 

When you enter the Late Game, Chang'e herself becomes the belly of the hero, strengthening the High Ground team. He can provide good support and hurt his teammates. The highest skill can be used to make a good defense, because when used, all minions are easy to kill. You can do it!

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Strongest Support

Advantages of Hero Chang'e
ML heroes

The strength of the last Chang'e hero is that he makes the battle in the team strong, you can easily win the game if you master this hero.

He has everything you need to fight or defend, the three skills of this hero are quickly clearing minions and destroying enemy formations. With this ability, the battle group is obviously strong and invincible. You won't regret buying and learning from this hero!

He has a skill whose attack range is quite large. This is certainly an advantage in itself, where he is better able to provide good support. He can create a slow effect from his attack skills.

As for the next injury, it could be easy. This is what makes him eligible for this meta-season to be named the best abs hero. It is highly recommended that you are not too far from your core hero so that you can still provide good support.

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So, those are the five advantages of Chang'e's hero that you need to know. With all these abilities, of course we recommend buying and using this hero. What are you waiting for?

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