5 Advantages of Hero Carmilla in Mobile Legends, Must Buy!

Carmilla MLBB

You have to buy it to play in rank mode. Because there are 5 advantages of Carmilla's hero in Mobile Legends which is sure to make you interested in him.

Carmilla is one of the loneliest support heroes in season 19, this hero is rarely seen when playing at a high level.

Besides not being able to lead the team, he is also less attractive because this hero's attacks can also be easily prevented. But that doesn't mean he's a bad hero, yes, this hero has advantages that can be maximized.

For those of you who are still unsure about using this hero, there are five advantages of Carmilla's hero that will definitely make you interested in using it. Let's check everything. 

Advantages of Hero Carmilla MLBB

Carmilla has the special ability to defend enemy defenses and counter magic, as she can easily defeat enemy tankers using her high defense cannons.

This very strong hero is definitely not perfect. It also has as many disadvantages as there are many advantages. You have to understand it, because it is summarized in this article to make it easier to read.

High Performance Heroes

Advantages of Hero Carmilla
ML builds

The first strength of Carmilla's hero is that she has high strength, which is an advantage that support heroes rarely have.

Her strength is extremely high because her passive skill can adjust the target's physical and magical defense, other skills give hard life effects, and lastly, because she uses defensive items in her designs.

With all these abilities, he should not be afraid to play barbarians, open cards and open field battles. This hero is perfect for those of you who like to play barbarians. 

Good CC Skills

Advantages of Hero Carmilla

The second strength of Carmilla's hero is that she has a good and deadly cc ability, this advantage allows her to easily block the movement of approaching enemy heroes.

Of the four skills this hero has, three of them can provide audience control effects. Skill One (Crimson Flower) Carmilla rotates two flowers on her body, dealing damage equal to the damage and slowing the impact by 10 percent in 0.8 seconds.

Ability Two (Bloodbath) the second attack of this skill will cause damage and stun for 0.6 seconds. Third Skill (Curse of Blood) Carmilla throws Curse of Blood at the target, dealing 80 percent damage and slow impact in five seconds.

With such a large effect of crowd control, every opponent will be completely overwhelmed when they have to deal with this hero.

Like other support heroes, he also has high Crowd Control abilities. Of course skills like that can be very annoying and annoying opponents.

His ability to control crowds can slow effects by up to 90 percent when he activates his ultimate. And not only that, he can stun enemies within 1.75 seconds.

He Can Protect Hero's Core Very Well

Advantages of Hero Carmilla
Hero Core

Hero advantages The next Carmilla is that she can protect core heroes very well, this advantage is very reasonable for support heroes.

He can defend the core of the hero very well, because this hero has very high resistance and many skills in crowd control, this ability allows him to easily block the movement of enemy hero attacks while maintaining high damage from his attacks. With all these abilities, the core of the hero is guaranteed to be protected by it.

With his first skill called Crimson Flower and combined with an item called Oracle and Concentrated Energy, he can quickly regain his HP.

Has Great Damage in the Early Game

Advantages of Hero Carmilla
Early Game

Hero advantages Another Carmilla is that he does great damage in the early game. This advantage allows him to quickly place and kill enemy heroes.

The damage is very large in the early game because the hero has magic type damage, and this type of damage is known to be very deadly in the early game. To maximize these benefits, you need to play bars and gangking regularly. Don't worry while with him!

This hero has enormous real damage which can easily destroy opposing tanks due to his passive skills. Her passive skill is Vampire Pact, which allows her to attack enemy tanks' fiscal defense and magical resistance. In this way, he could easily destroy the enemy's defenses.

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Very Easy to Use

Advantages of Hero Carmilla
Land OF Dawn

The advantage of the Carmilla hero that you must know is that it is very easy to play.manage or used, this advantage rarely turns Carmilla users into noobs and burdens the team.

This hero is very simple, you don't have to have high finger speed and strong instincts to use this hero. Enough control of attack and defense time, you are guaranteed GG.

The combination skills obtained by this hero are also easy to remember, you must use combination skills and skill one in battle. Try!

Carmilla is very easy to play, where you don't need special skills to play this hero.

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This hero has a low level of difficulty, so you can easily launch attacks on enemies and you don't have to be careful at the right time when using skills.

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