Everything You Need To Know About The Character Maro Free Fire

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Garena Free Fire usually launches a new character in the game after each update, and the OB27 update released a character named Maro Free Fire. This popular battle royale game introduces two new characters in the update, including Xayne.

Garena Free Fire surprisingly released a new character at Garena without any clues. New characters are usually seen on the social handles of Garena Free Fire's official Instagram page.

Free Fire is known for its unique collaborations and updates in games. Free Fire has many characters in the game, each character has unique strengths, there are 40 characters that are known in the game. Maro FF is as the 35th character in the game.

Meanwhile Xayne has been made accessible to players in the Top Up Xayne and Maro Free Fire events. Like every other character, Maro Free Fire has some impressive abilities.

This article explains every detail about the Maro character in Free Fire that you need to know.

About Maro Free Fire

Skill Maro Free Fire

Maro Free Fire
  • Skill: Falcon Fervor
  • Type: Passive skill
  • Male gender
  • Age: 32
  • Birthday: May 23
  • Nature Enthusiast
  • Prefers animals to humans

According to his in-game biography, Maro Free Fire is a falconer who likes bow hunting. He also has a passive skill called Falcon Fervor.

Maro's special ability is called Falcon Fervor, Maro Free Fire prefers the company of animals to humans. He feels that humans often think too much about everything and forget the true meaning of life.

He wants to be a free spirit and hopes to help bring other humans closer to nature through his birds. Damage increases with distance. Damage to marked enemies increases.

The base level of this ability (level 1) increases ranged damage by up to 5 percent. This skill also helps players to increase the damage dealt to marked enemies by 1 percent.

Falcon Fervor's maximum level (level 6) increases distance damage by 25 percent, while the damage dealt to marked opponents increases by 3.5 percent.

Maro's ability stats per each level are listed below:

  • Level 2: 7 percent damage increase from a distance, 1.5 percent damage increase on marked enemies.
  • Level 3: 10 percent damage increase from distance, 2 percent damage increase to marked enemies.
  • Level 4: 14 percent damage increase from a distance, 2.5 percent damage increase on marked enemies.
  • Level 5: 19 percent damage increase from a distance, 3 percent damage increase on marked enemies.
  • Level 6: 25 percent damage increase from a distance, 3.5 percent damage increase on tagged enemies.
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Availability of Maro Free Fire

Maro Free Fire

Maro Free Fire has not been liked by many players like DJ Alok in the game. However, according to some speculations, such as Xayne and Skyler, Maro Free FIre is also a character that is quite useful in battle. Also, the price is still quite affordable, where you can buy it for 499 diamonds and above.

Seeing his abilities, it looks like Maro Free Fire will use his abilities related to nature. Free Spirit can make him run very fast. 

Nature Enthusiasm can be a natural dependent ability. Eagle Master, an eagle may accompany him in the game as a pet that can help identify enemies or deal extra damage to them. Maro Free Fire is a passive character that is suitable for players to play with.

Unfortunately, he also has a weakness. The weakness is that it is very weak in close combat. Therefore, if you want to use it, you must also be equipped with a character that can be relied upon in close combat.

Because, close combat makes his skills inactive. He is so easy to counter by the enemy.

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That's what you need to know about him in the Free Fire game. Where you can use it to last longer in the game.

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