Get to know the 7 female characters in Chainsaw Man more closely!

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There are several female characters Chainsaw Man which attracts the attention of the audience. Like female characters who always invite the admiration of the audience.

As we know, currently there are lots of new anime broadcast on several channels.

However, recently what has become of concern is anime Chainsaw Man because it has its own charm.

This time we will discuss the background and role of female characters in anime Chainsaw Man. Instead of being curious, let's just discuss it! Come on, check it out!

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chainsaw man female characters (4)
Reze (Source: Manga City)

One of the female characters in the Chainsaw Man anime is Reze. Reze is one of the most interesting characters in this anime story.

It turns out, he is a devil disguised as a human, you know! She first appears as a woman who makes Denji fall in love.

Then, the two of them entered into a relationship that they had never experienced before Denji alone.

In this anime, Reze acts as Denji's emotional development, thereby presenting quite complex feelings that Denji feels.

Even though Devils are often referred to as the most evil creatures, this doesn't seem relevant to Reze because he is very kind, loyal and full of affection for everyone.

His role is quite important in this anime because it really helps in shaping the story, as his role is very romantic and affectionate so it can make this story more lively.


chainsaw man female characters (2)
Power (Source: Dexerto)

The second female character in Chainsaw Man is Power. He is also a character who is quite unique in this anime.

This power is a devil who takes human form after saving Denji.

Actually, he has an eccentric, energetic nature and is always happy with his life.

Power is very close to Denji, the two of them are friends and complement each other, especially when they are in battle and going on adventures.

It turns out that in the anime, he really acts as a loyal friend and always accompanies and helps when he is in a fight.

Master “Santa Claus”

chainsaw man female characters (5)
Master 'Santa Claus' (Source: Fiction Horizon)

In fact, Santa Claus is one of the female antagonists in Chainsaw Man.

But in this story, he appears in Denji's dream. In this dream, Santa Claus gives advice to Denji which will later save Denji himself in the anime.

In the anime, he is an expert in making dolls and apart from that, he is also very good at making strategies, especially when fighting.

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chainsaw man female characters (3)
Quanxi (Source: Twinfinite)

As a female character, Chainsaw Man plays a very important role. He is quite a mysterious character, because he is a demon hunter.

As his name suggests, he comes from China and is equipped with enormous power and is accompanied by loyal followers who follow him everywhere.

He is very unique because he has the ability to summon demons and at the same time control them. Very cool, right?

Quanxi always creates a big conflict between the antagonist and other protagonists in a fight.

He is also very influential in the Devil world, and his strength is very reliable, especially for saving Denji's life.

Asa Mitaka

Asa Mitaka
Asa Mitaka (Source: DeviantArt)

Initially, she was one of the female characters in Chainsaw Man. She is a high school student who is very social, aka anti-social, due to the death of her mother.

He has the ability to turn objects he touches into weapons, such as turning heads and bones into swords.

Of course this will play a very important role in the story. With this ability as a tool to protect himself when in danger.


Fami (Source: Zero Chan)

The next female character in Chainsaw Man is Fami. He is a devil who makes people afraid because he is hungry.

Fami is a member of the Devil Hunter Club at his school and most importantly, he has a noble goal, you know!

He wants to save humanity from Nostradamus' doomsday predictions and he doesn't want to eat delicious food on earth that will be destroyed by the apocalypse.


Makima (Source: UHD Wallpaper)

The last character in Chainsaw Man is Makima. He is an intelligent leader and very influential in the organization.

He always creates big conflicts and is the character who most often manipulates circumstances and other characters in the story so that the problems he creates are always prolonged.

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That's about the background and role of the female characters in Chainsaw Man which are quite popular. So, which is your favorite character?

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