5 Sickest Paquito Combo Variations, You Must Take Note!

Combo Paquito

Paquito is a fighter hero Mobile Legends which is known to have fast attack combos with high damage.

The skills this hero has have an effect blink, Burst Damage, and Crowd Control which makes it easier for him to beat opponents quickly and on target.

Even though it's a hero fighters Rarely having a high level of difficulty to learn, Paquito turns out to be included in the category of heroes who are difficult to learn.

This article will discuss the 5 sickest Paquito skill combo variations that automatically overwhelm your opponent. Let's join these hero users!

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5 Sickest Paquito Combo Variations

Paquito has five variations of skill combos that you can use in the Land of Dawn.

Here is the list:

Combo Skill 1 + Skill 1 + Ultimate + Skill 2 + Skill 1

Combo 1 Paquito
Combo 1. Source: BOKIL/Youtube

You can use this combo for as long as you like early game to get more gold. Using skill 1 will give you Paquito shields when attacking an opponent or creeping.

By utilizing this skill combo, you can face 2 – 3 opposing heroes while farming to increase your level.

Apart from yourself, you can use this combo to disturb opponents who are farming.

Combo Skill 2 + Ultimate + Skill 2 + Skill 1

Combo 2 Paquitos
Combo 2. Source: BOKIL/Youtube

Paquito has a passive stack called Champ Stance, where this stack can help him strengthen his next skill.

You can use this combo attack if Paquito only has one Champ Stance stack.

Use this combo to beat your opponent and use the shield from Heavy Left Punch to protect yourself when carrying out the final attack.

Combo Skill 2 + Skill 2 + Skill 1 + Ultimate

Combo 3 Paquitos
Combo 3. Source: BOKIL/Youtube

If Paquito has reached two Champ Stance stacks, then it's time for you to use this combo skill.

Using this combo will take advantage of the Burst Damage and Blink effects from Paquito's skill 2, namely Jab which ends with the ultimate.

This combo will be effective for defeating fast heroes.

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Combo Ultimate + Skill 2 + Skill 1 + Ultimate + Ultimate

Combo 4 Paquitos
Combo 4. Source: BOKIL/Youtube

If Paquito's Champ Stance stack is fully filled, then you can use this combo of three ultimate skills.

This combo attack can be used to provide Burst Damage followed by using skill 2 and skill 1 to protect Paquito while preparing Ultimate.

You can use this combo on midgames with a note to avoid feeding. This combo can also be used to get inside war Turtle and steal it from the opponent.

Apart from that, another combo that can be used when the Champ Stance stack is maximized is skill 2 + skill 2 + skill 1 + Ultimate + skill 2.

The use of this combo focuses on the Blink effect with Burst Damage to chase targets while giving them Burst Damage ranging from 150-450 Physical Damage.

Ultimate Combo + Skill 2 + Skill 1

Combo 5 Paquitos
Combo 5. Source: BOKIL/Youtube

The final skill combo recommendation is simpler than before, where Paquito will launch the ultimate attack first before following with skill 2 and ending with skill 1.

You can use Paquito to lure the opposing team towards your team to do it bro and eliminate opponents.

This hero's ultimate skill can provide an extra stack that can strengthen Paquito's damage to reduce the opponent's HP before being eliminated together.

While waiting for teammates to provide assistance, you can use skill 1 to provide protection in the form of shields for the time being.

So, that's the article about the 5 sickest Paquito combo variations. If you're alone, what combo do you usually use?

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